Need to repair a door that is loose on it’s hinges?

Need to repair a door that is loose on it’s hinges? Wear and tear can cause the screws that hold the hinges to the door or door frame to pull loose and damage the wood.

Assuming that the door is still in good condition and you want to keep it, here are a couple ways to repair it.

First, inspect door and door frame to see where the hinge is loose. Pull pins and remove door. Then remove hinge(s) from problem area(s). It may be as simple as tightening the screws or using longer ones, but if the wood is damaged, there are a couple of options.

Repair option 1: You will need golf tees and wood glue. Cover the end of a golf tee with glue, then stick small end of tee into the existing screw hole. Tap lightly with hammer to create snug fit. Let glue dry. Cut off excess tee flush with frame. Drill pilot hole and reattach hinge.


Repair option 2: You will need Bondo, sandpaper and putty knife. Remove any loose peices of wood. Sand damaged surface area. Prepare small amount Bondo per instructions. Use putty knife to apply and press Bondo into holes and smooth surface. Bondo hardens quickly so applying in two small applications may be required. Allow to dry thoroughly. Sand smooth. Drill pilot holes and reattach hinge. Note: If your hinge was inset into the wood, keep in mind that Bondo dries very hard and may be difficult to remove from inset if over applied.

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