Quick and Inexpensive Bathroom Updates

Looking for a quick bathroom update?

The bathroom is one of the most used places in a home. Often times it is also the least stately. With all that plumbing and very little space, how does one make it a more inviting, comely part of the home? Believe it or not, updating a bathroom and adding to its design can often be a simple and inexpensive project. Here are some ideas that can be quickly implemented to give your bathroom that extra charm.

  1. Lighting

    Your bathroom’s lighting will make one of the biggest impacts in the room’s look and atmosphere. If you have windows in the room, keep them as clean and open as possible to let the natural light in. If there are no windows, or the windows are small and the lighting dim, consider choosing bulbs that have a higher voltage yet softer color. Fluorescent lights are often hard on the eyes, and don’t do well in rooms with large mirrors. If your room has a dark color scheme or is too small for brighter lights, consider attaching light fixtures over the bulbs that will dim the lights, and add color to the room.

  2. Curved Shower Rod

    For full bathrooms, a curved shower rod is one of the quickest and cheapest changes you can make. It instantly adds a more updated and polished look. Additionally, the extended curtain will make the room feel larger.

  3. Furniture

    If you have an unused corner, place a decorative side table in it. This is both great for design, as well as provides additional storage to reduce clutter. A plant on top of it is always a decorative addition as well, and will add color. If you don’t have room for any added furniture, consider installing tall shelving where you have wall space. You can use the shelf space to store your more decorative bathroom additions, such as towels, or baskets with your bathroom supplies.

  4. Storage Organization

    Make the most out of the storage you have! Adding compartmentalizers to your drawers is a great way to prevent clutter from building up and space being wasted. For items that sit atop your counters, use decorative bowls, baskets, or vases to place things. If you have a little money to spend, purchasing coordinating storage containers can keep a bathroom free from clutter, and decoratively coordinated!

  5. Backsplash

    A small backsplash is one of the biggest impacts you can make in your bathroom. If you do not already have one around your counter, consider a tile or rock trim. It is quick to install yourself, will add polish and color, and provide a focal point for the bathroom. It is a great way to make a quick update on a budget.

All of these updates can be done in a day, and give your bathroom a complete makeover. They are simple to implement and very cost effective. Once you’re through, your bathroom will go from becoming one of the most mundane rooms in the house, to one of the favorited!

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