Grout Cleanup for Tiles

A good tiling job can add wonders to the look of a room. Whether a tiled floor, a bathroom backsplash, or even countertops, tiles are a favorited choice to add design and durability. But what about the grout that sits in between? Grout is a mixture of water, sand, and cement. While a necessary step in tiling, with time it will become discolored and stained. When you’re ready for a cleanup, taking care of grout can provide an instant lift. Here’s some tips for making it sparkle!

  1. Start with a basic clean

    Before tackling the stains give your surface a good clean. Because grout is an easy place to accumulate layers of scum, you’ll need it to be pre cleaned before digging deep into the crevices. This will remove excess dirt and recent stains, leaving the grout exposed and ready for a deep clean.

  2. ImageCreate a deep cleaning solution

    There are a few options for a good stain
    solution. One solution being a homemade
    mix or vinegar and ammonia. For this,
    mix seven cups of warm water, a half cup
    of baking soda, a third cup of ammonia,
    and a quarter cup of white vinegar. Make
    sure the solution is mixed completely and
    the baking soda is dissolved! Another
    option is a homemade paste of hydrogen
    peroxide and baking soda. Mix these
    together in a bowl to a consistency you
    like. Oxygen bleach is another option and simply mixed with warm water makes an effective s!olution. This not only fights bacteria but will also help whiten your grout.

  3. Apply to grout

    Once you have your solution, apply it to your grout. For a thinner solution, a spray bottle will work. For something thicker, consider a rag or brush to apply. Make sure the solution reaches and thoroughly covers the grout between the tiles. Allow five to ten minutes for it to set.

  4. Scrub

    Once it’s set, take a scrub brush and apply rigorous pressure to the tiles. For hard to reach areas, use a toothbrush to detail it. If there is any leftover staining, apply more of your solution and let it sit longer. Before a second application however, make sure any dirty solution is wiped off the tile.

  5. Wipe and FinishOnce you’ve tackled all those stains, take a dry towel and wipe off the solution. Finish by doing another basic clean over the entire surface, and enjoy your sparkling clean tiles!

Deep cleaning your tiles and grout every 6 months will help keep your room looking and smelling fresh, and prevent layers of scum from having a chance to build up. There are many simple things we can do to maintain an orderly home, keep checking back for tips!

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