Spring Cleaning

With spring making its fast approach and the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, for many it’s time to make plans for annual spring cleaning. This is exciting but can be stressful! How can you plan ahead to simplify the process? Here’s some ideas to get a jump start on your spring cleaning!

Start by planning your rooms! Which one is going to take the most time and  elbow grease? Which will you need the most energy for? Start with that one and work your way through the house. bakset

Take a walk through your house and note how much clutter you have and reorganization will be needed. If you have a significant amount, consider planning a yard sale the weekend before you have scheduled your cleaning to begin making room. It’s also always a good idea to have a box of unwanted items to donate. Take an inventory of how much storage space you will need for the stuff you expect to reorganize and store. Observe your bookshelves, drawers, dressers, shelves, cabinetry, and other pieces of furniture to get a good idea for the space you have to work with. In doing so you will prepare yourself to reduce your house’s overall clutter and expose the difficult to see areas for cleaning.

Time to get started! In the room you’ve picked to start with, begin clearing things. A good rule of thumb is to start high, and work your way down. Pick a tall shelf, or hard to reach cabinets. Remove the objects and clean out the space. Reorganize and replace your things before moving on. Once you’ve cleaned out all your spaces, give your room the deep clean its been waiting for. Dust and mop, clean the windows, make sure there aren’t any cobwebs, and if you want to really make it shine, wax your furniture.

Spring is a beautiful month of new life and change, so it’s no wonder that we love to bring a fresh life to our homes as well. A little preparation and mental planning can really make this experience run smoothly and be a positive one without the added stress.

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