Curb Appeal on a Budget

With the sun making an appearance as we move further into spring, people will be spending more and more time outside. For many, it’s time to begin the landscaping, mowing, painting, and updating! We have collected a few ideas for keeping the exterior of your house looking clean and adding that extra curb appeal. Especially when working with a tight budget!


The first may go without saying. Keeping your lawn clean and mowed is an essential piece to a beautiful front. If you struggle with weeds or your grass is dying, it is well worth investing into a weed and feed, which will help your grass grow and keep out unwanted plants.

An option for those who don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty is a simple flower bed. These can be setup in a day and for under or around $20. A bag of mulch and a few pansies make a colorful statement and gives off the impression of a well tended and cared for yard. If pansies aren’t available, choose a perennial flower, as you can buy these fully bloomed and they will bloom each summer. If you don’t have anywhere to plant a flower bed, consider a few pots, or hanging plants, as these can also add some character to your design.

Another simple option that tends to get overlooked is cleaning the exterior of the house. You can use a simple hose attachment to spray your siding and remove unwanted dirt spots and cobwebs. This is a simple task and in under and hour and for almost no cost you can give your house an instant face lift.

Don’t forget your windows! Keep them clean and clear. Dirty windows and grease spots will bring down the look of the home. It takes just a few minutes to clean them!

For a decorative update, consider refinishing your front door if you haven’t already (instructions on a previous post). Also, check the details. Do you have your house number by your door? If so how old are they? House numbers can be purchased and replaced for under $20 and with just a few screws and a drill, and choosing the right ones will instantly improve your front decor. How is your lighting? Do you have a rusted old lamp post, or a bulb hanging on your front porch? Do they need to be replaced?

When looking at your front yard and porch, keep it simple! Keeping what you have clean, replacing what is old and rusted, and having a well-tended lawn and garden is all that’s needed for some curb appeal. Do you have ideas to add? Tried any of these and loved them? Leave a comment below!


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