Caring for your Brick

Brick is a beautiful piece of any home. It is used for many purposes. Whether as a fireplace, a brick wall, flooring, or in an accent, brick brings an organic charm to any home. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, its unique nature requires special care to keep it looking top shape.

There are many kinds of brick, and some do require a special care, so always check on your brick first if you have any doubt as to its nature. Clay brick is generally porous, and because of this requires a special touch. Excessive water on porous brick will damage it in the long run, as the absorption will eventually break down the particles that compose it. A simple and soft method to use is to create a paste of dish soap and salt. Mix the two together, using only a small amount of water if necessary to make a paste. Using a rag or soft brush, gently rub the paste into the brick focusing on any stains. Allow it to sit for ten minutes and remove it with a towel. Finally, use a small amount of water and a rag to rub and rinse any remaining soap, only as much as is necessary.

To make your brick more durable in theBrick
future, you may consider either sealing or
painting the brick. This can add a nice
design touch to a home as well. If sealing
your brick, choose a sealant that contains or
consists of tung oil. Tung oil is safe and will
produce a nice semi-gloss finish. Paint can
also be quite beautiful. Before painting
however, ensure that your brick is in good
condition. Brick that is mildewing or deteriorating isn’t always a good candidate for paint. Because brick is porous, it is accustomed to breathing. Paint seals and blocks the natural pores. In healthy brick this can prevent excess moisture from penetrating it for longevity. However, if there is already mold existing in it, the mold will become trapped and have a chance to erode the brick from the inside. If you have a dry brick in good condition and decide to paint, choose a paint of high quality. Choose one that is intended for masonry, and make sure to use a good primer.

Whatever route you take with your brick, it will add warmth and beauty to your home. Brick is a strong, durable substance which will add a timeless touch. Have pictures of beautiful brick in your home? Share them with us!

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