The Backyard Fire Pit

The Backyard Fire Pit 

FIre Pit

One of the exciting activities that summer brings is evenings spent outdoors. With dry, warmer nights, the weather is perfect for group gatherings around a fire. We are going to give you a quick design for building your own outdoor, stone fire pit for under $200! In just a few days, you and your friends can be enjoying marshmallows, hotdogs, and sharing laughter!

The Tools

Your fire pit can be constructed from stepping stones, and solid cement blocks. Our fire pit is going to be a square, 3’ x 3.’ For this, we will need nine 12” x 12” concrete stepping stones, which you can find for around a dollar a piece. We will also need sixty-four 4” x 8” x 16” cement blocks, which can be found for less than two dollars a piece. For extra durability and longevity, you can optionally also purchase some mortar mix.

The Design

Start with a flat, level surface. If you’re in your backyard, this may require clearing some foliage, and moving some dirt around to level it. If you have a back porch, you’re partway there! It’s important to make sure you have a safe, level area away from all fire hazards. This includes a safe distance from your house and other structures. Once you have a safe location, you will need a cleared, 3’ x 3’ space. You should first use your stepping stones as your foundation, laying them in a grid, to make a square. Make sure they are level and sturdy. To build your pit, lay your cement blocks with four layers of four blocks on each side. Stagger them so that the corners will alternate direction. By doing so, the structure will help to hold itself together.

This design is simple and inexpensive. It is also easy to construct. If you wish to make it bigger, you can follow the design with more blocks. For those looking to add mortar to make it a stronger, longer-lasting structure, talk to a representative and your local hardware store for instructions on finding and using the correct mortar mix. 

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