Here Comes the Heat!

Here Comes the Heat!

The warm weather is upon us, and many of us have started to feel that rush of heat sweep over our towns. Let’s talk about air conditioning. We all use it, and we will all need to maintain it. Keeping your air conditioner in good working condition may not be as difficult as you would think! With a little planning, some attention and care, you can stay cool all summer long! 

Air conditioning

When do you know it’s time to service your air conditioner? The best answer? Before it’s needed. You can stay one step ahead with the right preparation and regular maintenance. The first aspect of upkeep is keeping it clean. This is essential to maintain, as a single year of dirt and debris can cause clogging. A dirty blower fan filter can also reduce efficiency. All of these take a toll on it and will eventually lead to the break down of your machine. Safety precaution: Make sure before you do any cleaning or maintenance, that your air conditioning is completely disconnected from all power.

The next essential aspect of cleaning is the filters. Air conditioning units come with their own filters and require regular changing. For particularly clean air, you can check on additional filters that are available for your unit. For some filters, you can clean and reuse them. Some must be replaced. Check with your unit’s manufacturer for details. When the weather is hot, you’ll want to change or clean this every month or two, depending on how frequently it is in use. Remember that particularly dusty conditions will also heighten the need for a change. With most air conditioners, you are likely to find the filter in walls, ceilings, furnaces, or in the air conditioner itself. 

Finally, you’ll need to check the coils and coil fins. The coil absorbs heat and is an integral process of the structure. Over the months it will begin to collect dirt, and soil. Keeping the filter clean will enhance the coil’s endurance, however in time it will need to be checked. As it collects dirt, the airflow is reduced, the coil is insulated, and its ability to absorb heat weakens. A good practice for keeping this at its best is to minimize dirt and dust near and around the condenser unit. If the coil is in an outdoor environment, be mindful of foliage, and anything that may obstruct the airflow. The coil fins are one of the last pieces. Because these are delicate pieces, they are easily bent out of shape. This has the potential to block airflow. If your coil fins have been moved, you can purchase a fin comb from a wholesaler to comb them back to working condition.

As always, if there is anything that you are not confident in, it is the best route to check in with a well-trained, professional technician. Some diligence will keep your summer cool and breezy! 

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