Thinking about remodeling?

Woman ThinkingFor most families, a beautiful and updated home is a value. We budget for it, invest time and energy into it, and take time to enjoy the space we create. And, on occasion, decide it’s time for a remodel. Especially for those of us with older homes, remodeling can be both exciting and overwhelming. We long for the new look and added equity it can provide us, but dread living in an unfinished house, and putting away the time and money to make a project of that size happen. So let’s help you get started with some steps that can reduce the stress, and give you a plan of action.

Plan Thoroughly

You can do yourself a favor by doing research ahead of time. Start looking at supplies, pricing, design options, and pick out what you’ll like within your budget. Waiting until the last minute, you may end up making the same decisions. However, planning ahead will let you budget more effectively and give you peace of mind knowing a decision has been made. When planning and choosing, also keep the big picture in mind. The changes you make will effect your maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and overall equity. Factoring in the long-term costs of these will help you make a good investment.

Pick the Right Help

Choosing the right contractor is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. For most people, your home is the biggest financial investment you’ll purchase, and improving it is worth doing right. Hire a remodeler who has a good reputation, good experience, and that you know you can trust. To build that relationship ahead of time, consider meeting with them on a job site, so you can see how they work, and whether they maintain a clean, organized work flow. Also remember to insist on a good contract. It should include a start date, completion date, and details of what will and will not need to be done. Doing work without a contract may leave you with an unfinished project, additional unexpected charges or even litigation. This is another reason you need to have a contractor you can trust. With Responsible Contractors, we have several of the best in the area that we can recommend and connect you with!

Provide Good Relations and Communications

One of the biggest parts you as the homeowner can play in your project, is to treat your remodeler well! Simply being a good listener, and being appreciative goes a long way. It reduces the stress of the contractor working on your job, which will help the overall project. Talk to your contractor before the project for expectations. A reputable remodeler will let you know what to expect before the project begins.

Plan for the In-Between

During construction, which can take between days and weeks depending on the size of the remodel, living in a corner of the house can be stressful. It’s important to plan your living accommodations ahead of time. While it may be simpler to take a vacation or stay with a relative, for many that isn’t an option. Wherever you setup camp, make sure you have a refrigerator and microwave so you can make light meals at home. Also have your valuables safely packed and stored away, to protect them from being moved or damaged.

Proper planning, a good contractor, and effective communication will give you a good remodeling experience, and valuable investment in your home. If you’re doing some remodeling, we’d love to see pictures with you and one of our trusted contractors!

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