Spotlight on: Custom Homes: Assisted Custom Construction, Inc.

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about the perfect remodel? Maybe browsing through listings of homes for sale just to spark your imagination? We all dream of the perfect home. It’s a dream that may be in more reach than you think, but one that we put off too often. When you’re ready to take a step toward building your dream home, ACC Custom Homes is here!

One of the advantages of having a custom built home is the ability to choose your level of participation. From design to materials, you are given choices every step of the way so that your home will be truly unique. You’re also given the opportunity to be involved in the construction as well. Involvement is up to you!

custom_home_interior_9_700Building a home, however, is no small jump! There is a lot that goes into the process and for many homeowners it can be overwhelming. That’s why ACC Custom Homes handles every step of the process, including financial qualifying assistance, land acquisition, custom design, complete lending program, bid processing, construction permits, and state and local inspections. In their words, ACC Custom Homes will “prepare your bid package and build your dream house from the first nail driven to the last piece of grass in the front yard.” They rise above and beyond the general expectations of a construction consulting service, all to your benefit.

But isn’t a custom built home more expensive? The answer: It doesn’t have to be! In fact, with ACC Custom Homes, you may find substantial savings in building a home. One of ACC Custom Home’s convictions? Reducing builder margins. With them, the home of your dreams may not be as out of reach as you think! As one couple has reflected: “The question is not ‘Would you build again?’ it is ‘When will you build again?’ We will build again with Assisted Custom Construction, after we spend some time enjoying the home we now live in. We love the house!”

Here at Responsible Contractors, our goal is to bring you the best in construction. We are proud to recommend Custom Homes: Assisted Custom Construction, Inc. as the best among consulting services! To see more recommended contractors, visit

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