Spotlight on: Gerlach Construction

Having served the Puget Sound for over twenty years, Gerlach Construction brings a specialized hand to remodeling. Many of us have experienced the pressures of embarking on a project such as a remodel. It is an exciting time, but can be stressful. Gerlach Construction has been there, and they has been there with many homeowners. From smaller projects such as adding a deck or exterior accents, to additions, to whole house remodels, each project is its own experience, and can come with its own challenges. That is why Gerlach Construction has used their years of experience to refine a unique approach. What makes them unique, exactly? One of the practices that they generally hold is to do only one project at a time. This allows them to focus all of their attention and resources on the client and the project, and prevents them from  becoming overwhelmed. This way you know you are getting the best care possible!

DaveGerlachMeet Dave Gerlach, founder and owner: “I’m Dave Gerlach, and I’ve been in construction and home improvement since 1973. In 1993 I founded Gerlach Construction, Inc. Today, Gerlach Construction focuses primarily on custom home remodeling, helping families around the Puget Sound region create the homes they’ve always imagined. Home construction is my passion, not just my business, and my commitment to excellence is reflected in every home I remodel.” Dave combines four values to bring you the very best: experience, quality, value, and integrity. 

While Gerlach Construction has been serving the Puget Sound for over twenty years, Dave
has been working in the industry for more than thirty-five years. He has made it his practice to be someone you can count on. He doesn’t just remodel houses; he builds dreams. Your home is built on quality: Dave uses the finest materials, utilizes the latest construction techniques, and only partners with those who meet his standard. This allows
him to ensure that every part of the project is completed to the highest standard. With his experience in remodeling, he has developed techniques to bring the most value into eachChristine-Ballard-lo-res-72 project. Efficiency is an important part of the process, and allows work to be completed within your budget. And everything is backed by integrity! With one client at a time, Dave’s attention is undivided. He spends time with you, and listens. Understanding the dream you have for your home is his passion, and manifesting it is his profession.

So as you walk through your home, daydreaming of the somedays and the possibilities, take time to consider today. The thought of a remodel can be intimidating, even burdensome. No doubt the process has left many overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to! With personalized care and attention by one who has passion, experience, and integrity, remodeling your home can be a dream come true, without the headaches.

At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring you the best in each industry. We proudly recommend Gerlach Construction as a company to partner with on you or your friend’s next remodel project. Your home is your sanctuary, make it the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of! To see Gerlach Construction and other contractors we recommend, visit

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