Holiday Home Improvement

With Thanksgiving having reunited us with loved ones, and Christmas around the corner, many of us are preparing our homes for guests. Whether relatives coming to town and staying in your guest bedrooms, or friends coming for your Christmas parties, one thing becomes true: You’re going to be spending the season hosting. Counting down the weeks until Christmas day, what can you do to get your home sparkling? There are many updates you can do, and they don’t have to use your entire Christmas budget! Let’s focus on three of our favorite updates that will cost you less than $500, and take less than a week.

The Bathroom Vanity

If you live in an older home, you likely have a standalone sink. If you live in a newer home, you may have a bathroom counter, or a vanity. For guest bathrooms with the latter two, these are small enough to be simple projects, and will bring an elegant flare to your bathroom’s design. Start by purchasing a new granite top from your local hardware store. This can cost you as little as $150, depending on the size and design. Make sure you pick a size that matches your counter or vanity. Next, choose a new faucet that speaks to your inner designer. Before installing either, inspect all sides for damage. If you have extra room in your budget, you may opt for a new mirror, or accent piece such as towel rack or lamp. This is an installation project that can be completed in a weekend, and will add character to your bathroom!

Halogen Track Lighting

Good lighting can make or break any room’s mood with ambience. During the season for Christmas lights, fireplaces and evening get togethers, properly lighting your home is a great investment! Why did we pick track lighting? Not only is it beautiful and customizable, it’s efficient! The layout of the lighting will let you put the spotlight exactly where you want it. Halogen bulbs are also known for the ability to illuminate colors well, thus enhancing your interior design! Other advantages of these bulbs are that they are inexpensive, lightweight, do not contain mercury like fluorescent lamps, and have a color temperature that is meant to mimic sunlight. They can be made dimmable as well, which is great news for anyone interested in mood lighting. Kits for these are sold for between $100 and $300, depending on the design and size. When purchasing, make sure you get a kit that will connect to your ceiling’s junction box, to prevent the need for a Transformer. If you already have an electrical box in the ceiling, this is an installation project that will only take a couple hours.

Carpet Cleaning and Repair

Living room in Contemporary styleWhile it may seem like a temporary fix, the truth is that a professional deep cleaning service will add a clean face to your home that will improve it aesthetically, making it look, smell and feel newer. Consider having your carpets professionally cleaned. This can cost somewhere around $200, and will help lift stains, brighten the color and improve the texture. For seriously worn carpet, you can hire a professional repair company. These companies repair carpet by replacing patches that have been torn or burnt, and stretching carpet that has been deformed or crinkled. Your guests never have to know the damage your pets have inflicted! Together these services can cost you under $500!

There are many options available for updates and repairs, that don’t have to steal your entire Christmas budget. As you’re preparing for the holiday season, consider which will bring the most value to your home. Should you need a hand with any of these projects, we are happy to recommend a trusted professional. To see a list of all our trusted contractors, visit!

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