Spotlight on: Hardwood Perfections

We all love the look of a shiny, glossy hardwood floor. It can be homey, eloquent, warm, and exquisite! The versatility of hardwood and it’s aesthetic application makes it a desirable choice for flooring, both for homeowners and commercial buildings. Finding the perfect hardwood, however, can be a challenge. Choosing one that not only looks good, but also comes with longevity and durability is an important piece that can be difficult for the average homeowner. That is why it’s important to have someone in your corner you can rely on! And who better to turn to for the perfect hardwood floor than Hardwood Perfections?

3058405_origLocated in Marysville, WA, Hardwood Perfections has been family owned and operated for nearly a decade. Every home and building they have floored has been given their personal touch. As the homeowner, you will have confidence that they will be attentive all the way through! From the initial consult until the last coat of finish has dried, you will have their attention and communication. Their belief is that it is important to not only complete a job, but make sure the client understands the choices made, understands what’s going on with his floors, and why.

The same applies to the pre-flooring process. Before beginning a project, the consultation involves informing clients enough to make decisions and customize their floor projects. Backed by the guidance of Hardwood Perfections, you can truly have the custom floor that you’ve always desired, with the confidence of knowing it’s been done right, and will last! If you were to speak to his clients, you’d hear consistently that Hardwood Perfections will go beyond expectations to truly complete a job right.

Hardwood Perfections specializes in hardwood flooring and tile, and also works on a variety of other flooring types! For homeowners looking to do multiple rooms, this gives them the option of working with a single company throughout the process. For Hardwood Perfections, “Because Your Floor Deserves Perfection” is more than a slogan; it’s a promise. It is the promise of superior craftsmanship, the promise of having it done right, and the pride of being the only hardwood company you’ll ever need to contact.

At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring you the best in each industry. We are proud to recommend Hardwood Perfection for all your hardwood needs. From the smallest home project to the large commercial building, we are confident that you will have a job well done from a company you trust. Go from ordinary to extraordinary with Hardwood Perfections! To see more contractors we recommend, visit us at

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