Dreaming of a White Christmas?

We all love the idea of a snowy December. Children dream of waking up to a white lawn on Christmas day, and carolers sing of the snow. Whether or not we actually get snowfall however, we know that Christmas day is likely to be cold. Frosty air and cold rain can do just as much to our homes as snow. So in preparation, let’s go over a few tips to inspect and reinforce your home against the cold.

Windows and Doors

Frosted window with Christmas decorationWindows and doors are one of your home’s first lines of defense. They exist to let in and
keep out, from intruders to weather changes. So in preparation for and reinforcement against the cold weather, let’s go over a checklist you can review. Start with weatherstripping. Check the window frames and door frames for leaks, as leaks will allow heat to escape. If you do have damage or leaks, the weatherstripping may need to be replace. Next to the weatherstripping, look at the frames themselves. Inspect for signs of rot, decay, termites, or any excessive wear. Ultimately this becomes an issue of structural integrity, and during the cold season can be magnified. With frames and weatherstripping intact, check for drafts. If you still feel a draft you may invest in caulking, as a further defense against escaping heat. Also be sure to check for cracks. If you want to invest further, you can invest in storm doors and storm windows where your screens would be.

Outside the Home

Although we don’t expect much stormy weather, the cold can bring the unexpected, and there are outdoor preparations we should make. Have your roof checked for leaks or weak spots, and check the property for branches that could fall if the weather picks up. Consider having any water lines that run along the outer walls of the home insulated to prevent water from freezing. If you have snow-removal equipment, make sure it’s in working order, and have it serviced if needed. Have your exterior faucets shut off and outdoor pipes and valves drained. If you have handrails or lights outside, make sure they’re secure and working to prevent accidents along an icy walkway.

With your home prepared for the cold, Christmas can be a cozier, warmer season. If we do wake up with a white Christmas, you’ll be able to enjoy it without worrying about the cold getting in or causing damage. If you do need to have your home inspected or updated, we are happy to recommend a professional who can help! Visit us at responsiblecontractors.com for a list of trusted professionals!

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