Last Minute Holiday Checklist

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and many families will be home preparing to host large Christmas dinners! Here is a checklist of household chores and appliances to check, to make sure you are ready for Christmas day!

Family at Christmas dinnerCheck your vacuum cleaners

If something spills, or animals run loose, you may have a vacuum impulse. Now is the time to change bags, and make sure it is stored in a ready-to-access space. If you won’t need it on Christmas, it’ll make next-day cleanup a little easier!

Clean and prepare coffee

Whether your have kids jump on your bed as soon as the sun shows itself, or you get up early to put the turkey in the oven, there’s a good chance coffee will be making a triumphant rescue Christmas morning. Check the drip opening by unplugging the coffee maker and turning it upside down. You can clean it with dish detergent and warm water.

Sharpen your knives

Cutting the turkey or ham dinner is easier done with knives that work. It’s a quick and easy fix, so there’s every reason to make sure your knives are ready for showtime! Also check handles, and tighten if necessary.

Check light bulbs

Light bulbs dimming? Does your dining room look like it has unplanned mood lighting? Check the lightbulbs around the house now, so that you won’t have to fuss with it Christmas morning!

Stock firewood

If you’re planning on using the fireplace, stock firewood 24 hours before. Especially if you’re bringing in wood from outside, it’s important that it has a chance to dry so that it will be ready to burn when you need it. Who wants to walk out to the shed to get firewood in their nice holiday attire, anyways?

Clean the microwave, let the oven rest

Your microwave will come in handy for some of your dinner preparation. Clean it out now to reduce the lingering odor, as well as make sure it will be in top working order. Wash the plate and wipe the inside. But let your oven rest! It will be doing most of the work Christmas day, and the self-cleaning cycle it has can actually cause it to become over taxed. The last thing you need is for the oven to give out while the turkey is in it. If it needs to be cleaned, pull out the trays and wash them, and gently sweep out lingering ashes.

Stock the basic (and easy to forget) supplies

No point in making a last-minute store run on Christmas day when you can run a checklist ahead of time! Here’s what to check for: Garbage and plastic bags, aluminum foil and plastic wrap, containers for leftovers, kitchen string, cleaned cooking utensils, enough place settings for your guests, and an oven thermometer.

With these few steps, in a couple hours you can have your home that much closer to holiday-ready! If you ever have a problem in your home and need a helping hand, we are happy to recommend a professional who can assist. For a list of trusted professionals, visit!

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