Remodeling in 2015

If you’re looking at your home envisioning updates and remodels you would like to make, now is the time to start planning! A new year can mean a fresh start for your home as well. You may have that one room of the house that needs updating. Or perhaps there’s an addition you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever the big dream you have for your home may be, this year can be your time! January is the perfect time of year to start planning so that when summer comes, you’ll be ready to jump in.

Modern bathroomBefore you consult an architect or designer, have an idea of what you want to accomplish. Why this room, or this addition? How will the room be used? What is the overall atmosphere you want to create? Also ask questions like: Will this add value to the home? Will this make my home more or less efficient? How will this addition compare with the rest of the home? And know what your budget is. Knowing what you want to accomplish and why will help choose the best project for your home. Need inspiration? There are many online resources from Pinterest to more specialized design-centric social sites that you can browse. Reading about others’ experiences and seeing successful projects will help you decide what you want. It will also give you the opportunity to ask for feedback regarding your own ideas!

Once you know what you want, find the right people to help! Hint: We can help with this part! A good architect and designer can take the vision you have and turn it into an attainable goal. A trained professional will know what you can and cannot do, and how to incorporate all the necessities to keep it up to code. You will also need a contractor. A contractor not only completes and oversees the projects: He will handle or advise in regulations such as getting a construction permit. When negotiating a contract, make sure everything is in writing and clearly understood. From the materials used to the structure of the building, every detail should be understood in such a way that you are left with no unpleasant surprises.

Finally, planning ahead allows you to schedule your life in a way that will make the remodel process as smooth and unimposing as it can be. The larger your remodel, the more likely you are to run into frustrations. Details such as where the workers are allowed to park, areas that are off limits, storage and more should be planned for. Good communication is a key factor in a successful project. Plan for your remodel at a time when your schedule will allow you more freedom to escape from the house as needed, and a late enough date to give you plenty of time to prepare.

Giving yourself adequate time to dream, ponder, and prepare may be just what this year needs! Make this year the one that you’ve been waiting for, and turn your house into your dream home! When you are ready to look for a contractor, we can recommend one in your area who will get the job done right! To see a list of contractors and more professionals we recommend, visit us at

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