Spotlight On: Concrete Impressions Inc

Want your home to make a great first impression? Concrete Impressions offers state of the art decorative concrete design! They can give your driveway, sidewalks, steps or patio that new look you’ve been wanting or needing.

Maybe it’s a maintenance issue. The sidewalk has cracks and you worry about your kids riding their bikes on it. The moss has damaged your walkway and grass is stubbornly wedging its way up. Perhaps your back porch is stained, cracked or just not big enough. Concrete, while strong, does require maintenance. So when it’s time to update and replace concrete, where do you start? Traditional broom or aggregate concrete is only one option available to you.

Concrete ImpressionsThere are a variety of options in designs, styles and finishes including stamped concrete designs from cobblestone to slate, brick, sandstone and more. You can even have patterns within patterns, circles and borders. Just imagine the possibilities!

Replacing and updating old concrete is a worthwhile investment with aesthetic appeal! It’s eco-friendly and easy to maintain. And who better than to provide this than Concrete Impressions? Family owned and operated, Concrete Impression brings a personal touch, and believes in providing work that speaks for itself.

Providing both residential and commercial work, Concrete Impressions is a full service concrete contractor. From creative landscaping and retaining walls to driveways and walkways, you will be impressed with their innovative design and build capabilities.

And they do more than just pour beautiful concrete. Throughout the process, they will educate you as to proper maintenance. This will not only contribute to long term durability, but also to the longevity of your new surface’s aesthetic appeal.

So, if you have been dreaming of a more visually appealing alternative to traditional concrete or the cracks are just annoying, call Concrete Impressions for an estimate! They can answer your questions, and give you a chance to meet the people who will take your concrete into their care

At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring you the best of each industry. When it comes to specialty concrete, we are glad to recommend Concrete Impressions as a solution to your concrete needs! To see more contractors like this, visit!

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