Kitchen Countertops: Know Your Options

If a kitchen remodel has been on your wish list this year, one of the biggest decisions you will be making is choosing a countertop. Practical, simple, visually stunning, and extravagant: There are many options available to you! This is a fun and exciting process, and knowing what choices you have will provide a groundwork, and allow you to make the best choice for your kitchen!


For those who like the organic, earthy feel, concrete can be a great choice. It’s versatile in design, as it can be dyed or tiled to change the color and shapes. Because concrete is porous, it requires regular maintenance, including annually waxing and re-sealing. Concrete is a very durable material, and in addition to being long-lasting, is a cost-effective option. While mimicking the smooth, natural stone look of natural stones such as granite, it comes in at under $140 per square foot (before installation).

Manufactured Quartz

Elite KitchenManufactured Quartz carries some of the natural, earthy design that concrete has. However, it is generally more luxurious in design and has a lot of shine to it. One of the advantages to manufactured quartz is that, while equally durable, it requires much less maintenance. It requires no sealant, and is extraordinarily stain resistant. Convenience comes at a cost though, as you can pay as much as $200 per square foot before installation.


The highly coveted granite is a timeless option that has many benefits. Granite does not depreciate in value, and in fact will add value to your home. Because it is not porous, granite will not host bacteria and makes one of the most sanitary options. It’s also easy to clean. All these benefits still come at a cost. Granite is one of the most expensive options, and because it is quite heavy, and unable to remove without damaging the cabinetry, is usually a permanent solution.

Stainless Steel

For the industrial kitchens, and for those with a modern design, stainless steel is a bold choice that will live up to even the heaviest kitchen abuse. It is competitive with concrete in price, and a good choice for those who cook frequently and avidly. The disadvantage to stainless steel is that it scratches easily and is harder to keep looking clean, and is therefore used mostly in commercial establishments.

Other Natural Stone

Most other natural stones, including marble, soapstone, and Jerusalem stone are more traditional options that have timeless benefits. In addition to the seemingly endless variety of designs, it is heat resistant. Natural stones are a choice that will appeal to those who want both a high-end style, and a good cooking environment. Because it is such a diverse category, prices can range from $50-$200 a square foot, prior to installation.

While there are more options available for countertops, including wood, tile, bamboo, and even paper composites, the above styles are are some of the more prevalent ones in the market and a good place to start. Before making a decision, always consult with an expert in the profession. Find a contractor who can advise you, help you make a decision, and handle the installation process so that you will have the best possible outcome for your kitchen! Thinking of remodeling? We are happy to recommend the right person for the job. Visit, or ask us for a referral. That’s what we’re here for!

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