The Kitchen Remodel: Is it for me?

Modern elegant kitchenThroughout the start of the year you’ve been dreaming of the possibilities, contemplating remodel projects, and reading up on countertops, cabinets, and more! Ideas have been flooding your mind, but the question remains: Is it time for my kitchen to be remodeled? Here are some signs that your kitchen may be in need of a remodel.

1)   Aesthetics

This is the most subjective of all, as design really comes down to preference. But how does your kitchen feel to you? If your colors, patterns, materials or design make you feel like you’re walking into a home from a past decade, that may be a sign! Depending on when your home was built, many were designed with trends that came and went quickly. One sure sign that your kitchen’s design is outdated is if you have a separate kitchen and formal dining room. Today, because families generally cook together and formally dine less, open floor plans are more desirable and convenient. If you have the urge to turn on music from the 70’s or 80’s every time you step into your kitchen, it may be time to take it into the future with a design that will last.

2)   Damage

We are generally the last to notice signs of deterioration in our own homes, simply because it’s so familiar to us. This is similar to the way guests will tend to pickup on your home’s odor, when you have become desensitized to it. Take a look around and watch for signs of damage. This may be mold growth, bubbling paint, cracks in the drywall, tile grout, or baseboards, missing or browned caulk, peeling vinyl, scratched and discolored flooring, and chipped countertops. You may find even more, but give yourself a score. Start with a hundred and subtract points for every type of damage. Does your kitchen pass with a score above 80? Are you failing below 60? If you find your score too low for your comfort level, it may be time to reinforce your bones with a remodeled kitchen.

3)   Family & Household Changes

Has your family grown or shrunk significantly since you moved into the house, or last remodeled? If your kids are older and using more space, you may find clutter constantly building up. It may be harder to keep things organized. Storage that was once adequate for your family now may no longer contain the level of stuff you keep around. Part of this may be a sign that it’s time to reorganize, but depending on the amount of change your family has gone through, it may be a sign that it’s time to remodel your kitchen to accommodate your growing family. Alternatively, maybe your kids have moved out and you find you have too much space. Empty nesters have a tendency to fill empty space with clutter, even when the space is superfluous. In this case, a remodel may be a great way to redesign so your kitchen complements your changing lifestyle.

So where do you stand? Is your kitchen accommodating you and your family? Is it in good shape, without excess damage or deterioration? Is it comfortable, and does the design suit your style? Do you find the layout and organization is functional for you, and helps you be more efficient? If so, you’re probably in good shape. If two or more of these signify something you need, it may be time to make the kitchen remodel jump! When you are ready to do so, the most important factor you will need will be to choose a contractor you trust to advise you! Looking for a specific recommendation? Contact us, and we can put you in touch with the right fit. Also visit us at to view a list of companies we trust to take care of your home. Happy remodeling!

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