Spotlight on: Americool Heating & Air Conditioning

For those residents of the Pacific Northwest, it is no secret that our weather has a mind of its own. We joke about Washington being the state that can go from warm sun, to cool rain, to snow in a day. Depending on the mood our weather finds itself at in a given hour, we may find ourselves constantly adjusting the thermostat; bundling up and kicking the blankets off. So for those of us who live in this weather, it’s important to be able to rely on our heating and air conditioning systems. This is where Americool comes in!

service-techsRun by Lincoln and Norm, they use their combined eighty years of experience with heating and cooling to bring a higher level of service, professionalism and knowledge to their industry. They have built a solid reputation and it shows! In addition to winning awards such as the prestigious Diamond Dealer award, being recognized as the top dealer in their five-state region, their lineup of testimonials is overwhelmingly positive! 

Americool covers a large array of products and services. Heaters and furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, air purifiers and filters, even repair and maintenance on existing systems are all offered!

Your home’s heating, cooling and air is an investment not only for your comfort, but also for your well-being! It is estimated that the indoor pollution level is as much as two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Homes are built to keep bad air, dirt, dust and debris out. Because of this, air purification has become more needed, as air trapped inside the house becomes polluted. More people today suffer from allergies, asthma and similar respiratory diseases than we have in years past.

If your comfort wasn’t enough, and your health still isn’t, consider it can be an investment for your pocket book long term! A better system and regular maintenance can result in lower utility bills, longevity of your equipment, fewer repairs, and improved capacity.

So who is Americool? They are the ones who improve your air quality and your family’s health, bring you comfort, and provide long-term savings. They are there for you 24 hours, just a call away! At Responsible Contractors, our goal is to bring you the best of each industry. We proudly recommend Americool Heating and Air Conditioning for all your home air needs! To see them and more contractors we recommend, visit us at

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