The Weekend Project: Home Improvement Ideas

The weekend is here, and you’d like to take some time to work on your home. What to do? Where to start? More importantly: what will keep your costs down and make a good budget project? Allow us to help by providing you a few ideas! Here are some weekend projects that cost under $500 and you can have completely finished before work starts again on Monday morning!

Modern kitchen and living room

Install New Faucets

New faucets will not only look good, but will improve your water flow. Especially for those who have had troubles with leaks and bad water pressure, this is a project well worth the weekend it’ll take to complete. New faucets generally run between $100 and $400, depending on the style you prefer. Installation can take a few hours depending on experience. Make sure you choose a faucet that fits the sink you have, unless you plan on replacing both!

Update Kitchen Hardware

Updating your kitchen’s hardware can be a great way to give it an uplift on a budget! A small investment and a few hours can go a long way. Make sure you have the tools you need ahead of time, and pick up enough handles for your cabinet style.

Patch Walls

Purchase a little putty and patch holes in the walls. Our homes tend to take a lot of (loving) damage as we live in them. Walls have holes, indents, scratches and sometimes cracks. Patching them up will take a couple hours, and putting a fresh coat of paint over them will make your walls look brand new!

Give your Fireplace a Makeover

This is a great project for your living room! An old fireplace can sometimes be cleaned and stains washed out to make it look new again. Depending on the depth of damage and age of your fireplace, you may consider painting it instead. If you want to give your room a redesign and bring some light in, try painting it white! Another makeover your fireplace can get is to add or replace a mantle, and the wall space above it.

Replace Bathroom Hardware

Your door knob, towel racks, shower rod, and shelving are all things to repair or replace. Maybe you want to add some flair with a unique piece. Maybe you don’t have anywhere to hang a hand towel and it’s time to add a small towel rack. Is your shower rod rusting? Bending? A new one might be in order! You can replace all of these in an afternoon and give your bathroom an instant boost.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a great way to spruce up any room of the house. Are your curtains outdated? Do you have plastic blinds? Purchase curtains that will provide a new, updated design. Window treatments make a huge impact. Not only will they influence the overall look and focal points of the room, they have a huge impact on lighting. Properly lighting a room is one of the best ways for it to live up to your space’s potential.

Replace Switch plates

Only have three or four hours? Purchase some decorative switch plates for your light switches and power switches throughout the house. This seemingly small detail can add a touch of elegance, and eliminate another commonly found outdated element.

Repaint Baseboards

Don’t have time to redo all your trim? Floor looking a little dull but you’re not ready to replace it? Painting your baseboards and re-caulking as needed can keep it looking decent. Because of their location, baseboards take a beating. From pets, vacuums, furniture, and more, they’re bound to be bruised and scratched. Less than a gallon of paint can take care of a room or two!

Add Shelving and Storage

This is a great project for those who tend to let clutter accumulate. Especially in bathrooms and home offices, adding shelving is a great way to add storage and make room. Have fun with this one! Get inspired and look for shelves that will be a great design for your space. Choose walls with blank spaces and high ceilings. Once the shelves are installed, use decorative bins to create more drawers and reorganize. You may find this is both a great decorative piece, and that you now have more space for your stuff.

Install a Pet Door

For those pet owners and animal lovers, a pet door is something both you and your furry friend will appreciate! If you have a fenced backyard you can install a pet door into either a standard wooden door or a sliding screen door. Your cat or small dog will love being able to let himself out, saving you some time, and possibly saving your carpet some unwanted surprises!

These are just a few ideas to improve your home in small, but effective ways! If you start with one of these projects, you may be inspired to jump to the next! If you come to a project that you need a hand with, we are always happy to help! Contact us for a recommendation or visit to find a contractor that can help with your particular project. That’s why we’re here!

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