Spotlight on: Compass Plumbing & Drain Services, LLC

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.45.32 PMWhen it comes to topics no one wants to think about, broken plumbing or overflowing waste are at the top of the list. What happens after you flush the toilet is of little to no interest. You just want to know that everything works. Unfortunately, there may be a time when your plumbing system lets you down. How do you know when it’s time to install new plumbing? Where do you begin? Thankfully, Compass Plumbing & Drain Services is only a call away to answer those questions!

Compass Plumbing & Draining Services was founded by Nick and Stephanie Mondrut in 2010. Nick started this company with 14 years of plumbing experience under his belt, and a desire to continuously improve the plumbing industry. He and his President of Business Operations, Dillon Eugenio, work together to take care of those needs which families don’t want to handle themselves. Whether installing new plumbing, remodeling a kitchen, maintaining existing plumbing, you can depend on Compass to take care of your needs.

Their core values are the foundation that they operate on: adding value to the customer, personal accountability, continual improvement, personal & professional growth, and happy clients! So when would you call them? Emergency services, such as clogged drains, broken fixtures, and leaking pipes, which can be discovered through flooding or a bad smell, would be the first. Repair, replacing and general updating of your household or business systems such as disposals, sinks, showers and tubs, drains, and water heaters would be next. Preparation for changes in season is also something they help with! Did you know your pipes need to be weatherized for the changing seasons?

Compass gladly serves the greater Puget Sound. From Seatac, to Graham, to Dupont, to Gig Harbor, they are only a call away. For those who come skeptical or have previously experienced dealing with a plumber, you can have confidence that Compass is the company that is trustworthy and reliable. A recent customer noted: “Before we found Compass Plumbing & Drain Services LLC, we hired several plumbing companies who were all rotten. We finally found a reliable company we can count on…Compass fixed our plumbing problems…imagine that! We have decided to keep them as our permanent plumber!”

Your plumbing problem doesn’t have to turn into a nightmare! Remember the next time you need to call someone, that at Compass Plumbing, they care about you. At Responsible Contractors, we exist to bring you the best in each industry. We will gladly give our recommendation to Compass Plumbing & Draining Services for all plumbing needs. To read more about them and see other companies we recommend, visit us at!

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