Quiet Time: Soundproofing Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. You sleep there, talk there, entertain there, cook there, watch tv, listen to music, and more! For families, so do your children! It’s no secret that home isn’t always quiet. Dogs bark and children play. As a parent, quiet time is a treasure. Soundproofing your home may be on the list when a remodel is in order! Here’s what to know about making your walls noise-resistant:

attractive asian woman lifestyle imageDuring a remodel or new construction, the foundation of soundproofing will be your insulation. Choosing the right insulation is key, as it will absorb sound waves that would otherwise travel through the walls. Fiberglass is a common and affordable insulation option. And while it will certainly help, it is a rather mediocre sound barrier. A great alternative is rockwool insulation. Whether you use fiberglass, or a more sound-resistant insulation, however, the soundproofing efforts should not stop there!

One common method is to use more layers. Each layer will absorb more sound, making each room that much quieter. Some accomplish this by using thicker or soundproof drywall. Others will add a layer of caulk, mass-loaded vinyl, or even acoustic panels. Eliminating gaps is also an essential element. In areas where there is a hole in the drywall, such as ceiling fixtures, switch boxes, receptacle boxes, and door casing, an acoustical caulk can seal the gap and prevent an escape route for the sound.

For those who need to reduce the noise but aren’t doing a remodel anytime soon, there are some options that can be quickly and easily applied! The more sound-absorbing items you have in a room, the less will escape it. Strategically place heavy drapes on the walls, and use rugs to minimize sound escaping through the floors. Potted plants sitting in corners will also help to absorb sound! If you notice gaps along the corners and edges, you can re-caulk your home in a day’s time and reinforce its sound barrier.

If you fall somewhere in the middle, and aren’t ready for a full-scale remodel, but are ready to make a few structural changes to decrease your home’s noise level, contact a professional who can make this happen! It is absolutely possible to build a home that your kids can play and laugh in, without hearing it throughout the neighborhood! At Responsible Contractors, our goal is to connect you with the professionals you can trust to take care of your home’s needs. Contact us, or visit responsiblecontractors.com to find the right company to make your home soundproof!

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