Unwelcome House Guests

Throughout the winter, many little friends seek refuge. Some hibernate, some burrow, some nest. Part of transitioning into warmer weather is seeking out any house guests you never gave a warm welcome to, and delivering their eviction notice!

bruco di farfalla cavolaiaAnimals commonly known to shelter here in the northwest are raccoons, skunks, and tree squirrels. We know they look cute and fuzzy, but allowing them to share your home can result in damage. In general, these animals stop in for a few days before continuing on. During the winter, however, some of them decide to weather out the cold for prolonged periods of time.

If you have an outdoor shed or studio, especially one that doesn’t get much use, this is the first place you should check. The warm, dry environment will be attractive for animals seeking shelter. Look in corners and nooks where they could easily hide, undisturbed. Other places to check are in basements with outdoor access, including windows, under porches and stairs, in or around old vehicles that don’t get driven, and any other small structures that could potentially provide a dry home. If you do find any animals, or evidence of them, the removal process needs to be a careful one. These animals are sometimes harmless, but can also be a danger when threatened. First, determine if any young are involved. If there are children, the mother can become aggressive, and a professional should be called. Next, determine the entry point. If you find the animal has entered through a point of damage, you will need to have it repaired. Visit our website for a list of contractors that can help you with that!

The other unwelcome guests you may have lingering are the ever-dreaded bugs and insects. Some have left for the winter and are on their way back. Because we had a warmer winter, there are likely to be more culprits lingering. Here’s how to prepare for spring, and make sure you don’t become a host to the insect kingdom! Outdoors, look for cracks in structures. From the pavement on the ground, to the walls of your house and outbuildings, cracks are a great environment for bugs to take refuge in. Clean and seal any cracks to remedy this. Downspouts, gutters and outdoor faucets should be cleaned and protected. Moisture, especially during warmer weather, is attractive to bugs. Garbage lying outside such as old boxes, newspapers and the like will also attract bugs. A clean landscape is a healthier one! Check for existing signs of damage also, such as rotting wood and peeling paint. Finally, check every entry point to your house. Doors and windows should be clean, the caulk should be intact, and the screens should be solid. If you find damage around your doors and windows, hire a professional to repair or replace them. This will give your house a defense against the critters your family does not want to see!

Overall, spring is a lovely time. It is exciting to watch the flowers bloom as the sun comes out. Preparing your house and landscape will allow you to relax and enjoy the season! If you find damage or are ready to strengthen your house’s defense against unwelcome guests, visit responsiblecontractors.com to find the right professional to help! Need a specific recommendation? Ask us for one, and we will gladly connect you with the right company for the job.

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