Spotlight on: AK Kreutzer Construction

In the Northwest, outdoor time is valuable! We live in a beautiful, green state, and look forward to the warm weather when we can enjoy the outdoors! Whether you are hosting a family BBQ or entertaining friends, your landscape and patio is a space you’ll want looking its best! Are you ready to prepare for summer by having a deck built, refinished, or updated? If the answer is yes, you need to call AK Kreutzer Construction!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.20.47 AMAK Kreutzer Construction is at the top of the industry, offering what’s known as waterproof walking membranes, to protect your deck all year round! For all the beauty summer brings, we live in a very wet state. It is important that your deck be prepared to withstand all the rain it will endure! Weatherdek does just that. It is available for many styles, so that your taste won’t be limited to accommodate the weather!

Do you live in a two or three story home? AK Kreutzer Construction also offers the S.T.A.R System, and can provide railing panels of the top quality. Built for resilience, the finish requires virtually no maintenance, and will not rust. For decks with a railing, it’s a great long-term option!

What are the advantages of a deck built by AK Kreutzer Construction? In addition to the longevity you will have, they will appeal to a variety of styles and tastes, giving you creative freedom! Additionally, the weather membrane is so thorough, that it turns the space underneath decking into a dry storage area. And really, who doesn’t need more storage? With their help, you will be ready to entertain, and enjoy the outdoors! Barbecues, picnics and outdoor parties are in your near future. It all starts with a phone call to AK Kreutzer Construction!

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