Summertime Swimming

Kid swims in pool underwater, girl swimming having funWith the summers staying warmer longer, dipping into a cool pool sounds more refreshing than ever! And who doesn’t enjoy a good swim when the sun is high? If you’ve ever thought of having a pool installed in your yard, this is the time to plan! Maybe this is the year for it to happen. Maybe this is just the right time to plan for next summer. How do you decide?

First, ask yourself how much you and your family actually uses your outdoor space. Do your kids play outside a lot already? Do you have pets that need space to run around? Is your yard exposed to the neighborhood, or hidden behind foliage and a fence? How much sunlight does your backyard get? Do you have the time and budget to incorporate regular, year-round maintenance? All of these questions can give you a more realistic idea of what may, or may not, be right for your house, family, and lifestyle.

If you decide a pool is definitely in your future, there are a few options available to you! For some families, you may find that an above-ground pool fits the bill. There are many advantages to these! The first obvious advantage is cost. You will spend significantly less on purchasing and maintaining a pool above ground than you will an in-ground pool, both up front and overtime. Additionally, in the northwest above grounds are generally more popular, because during our colder seasons you can simply tuck it away and put it out of mind. Another advantage is that above ground pools are mobile. You can try it out in a corner of the yard, and move it as needed. Finally, above ground pools are much more simple to clean and maintain, making them great options for families who want to enjoy swimming from time to time, without the investment in and commitment to a significant household addition.

In-ground pools are beautiful, desirable, and can be reasonable for the right family! Before you start taking estimates, you should know what your priorities are! When it’s said and done, what matters most? Low maintenance? Budget? Aesthetics? Warranty? Efficiency? Know what your priorities are, and shop accordingly! Also, you must have a budget set aside for this. Know what it is, and stick to it. Pool financing exists, but all of that needs to be in order before you start shopping. Surprising as it may be, it’s not uncommon for a prospective customer to put down a deposit, make installation plans, then find out the financing is not going to be available to them. Preparing your finances beforehand will prevent you from last minute headaches!

For the in-ground pool shopper, it’s important to know the three basic types of pools. Vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. Many pool vendors will only offer one, so knowing the advantages of each one ahead of time is important. You don’t want to get locked into a pool that isn’t right for your yard! Finally, be vigilant while shopping. A reputable pool contractor will take time to evaluate your space beforehand, will walk you through the permit process, and educate you on your options. Don’t ever allow someone to pressure you! Once installed, it cannot be simply undone. Finally, remember that there will be continual maintenance and upkeep. Higher quality pools can be made to minimize this, and end up being a better investment. Don’t be fooled! Just because a pool is less expensive up front, does not mean that it is the best deal over time.

Overall, an outdoor pool addition can be an exciting time for your family! Plan ahead of time, know what you want, and what your options are. With a good pool contractor working with you, your project will be a success! If you realize that this isn’t the year, start making plans for next summer. If you would like to add a deck or landscaping around your pool, our contractors at would love to help you out! Enjoy swimming!

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