Spotlight on: American Home Construction Services

The American dream: A beautiful spouse, three successful children, the perfect home on acreage, with a white picket fence and a well behaved pet. We all have our own idea of what the American dream should look like, and one constant is having a beautiful home! But for the average homeowner, what is realistic? Most of us know that we have to sacrifice luxury in one area, to attain it in another. But how much sacrifice is too much? We live in a construction age where there are more options available than before, and prospective homeowners have room to make choices that support their American dream! One of those options is modernized manufactured homes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 2.29.53 PMFor most, hearing “manufactured” brings to mind an image of a mobile or modular home. However, today’s manufactured homes are far superior! Frequently built on a permanent foundation, the gap between manufactured and custom built homes has significantly decreased. This option is where American Home Construction Services comes in! Independently owned and operated, American Home Construction Services helps new homeowners choose and install the perfect home for them! Their homes are designed to keep overhead low, and still provide quality construction. Included in this process, as a licensed contractor, they prepare the land, set the foundation, and install the home.

There are many advantages to choosing a manufactured home. From close monitoring, to less expensive materials, to better inventory control and less waste, the process of building a manufactured home is generally quicker and smoother than new, custom construction. Another advantage is that American Home Construction Services takes pride in using only products that will make your home more sustainable and green! This results in a home that will be better for the environment and your health. This includes cleaner air, less waste, and more efficient energy usage!

Manufactured homes provide a newer, cleaner option for homeowners that want the advantages of a custom-built home, without the cost and extra time to construct. American Home Construction Services is just the company to install them! They pride themselves in superior customer service, and will walk you through the entire process. From helping you find financing, to land preparation, customization and installation, they will be at your side until you are home!

At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring  you the best in each industry. We are glad to recommend American Home Construction Services as an option for manufactured homes. To see more contractors we recommend, visit us at

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