7 Tips to Make Summer Better!

Summer is one of the most beloved seasons! Your kids love it, your dogs love it, your neighbors love it, and you can love it! We know you’ll be in the backyard with a barbecue at some point. So here’s a few ideas to get the most out of your time outside!

Invest in Bug Repellent

Maybe you’re thinking right about now that you need to pick up that spray can, and spritz your arms before heading out. That could work. Alternatively, there are options available for a more expansive bug-free zone. Purchases such as insect eliminators, and mosquito zappers can deter bugs from hanging out nearby. If you are eating outside, you don’t want chemicals sprayed near your food.

Check and Update your Fencing

This is especially important for families with small children and animals. Having a reinforced fence will give you peace of mind, knowing that your children and pets can run around outside. An updated fence also creates a safer yard! Rotting fences pose the risk of splinters and old nails, which can be hazardous. On top of this, it will give your backyard a fresh look!

Landscape Lighting

Like many of us, you may enjoy the warm evenings, and want to spend time outside even after the sun has set. Porch and landscape lighting can be relatively inexpensive. And, it’s a fun way to get creative with your yard’s look!


The proper irrigation system will keep your grass green and healthy, and add value to your home. If you have one, and it hasn’t been checked since last summer, now is the time to have it looked at. Irrigation systems can leak, clog, break, and develop problems with pressure. You’ll want to test it, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, have a professional look at it.

Clean Out & Repurpose your Shed

If you have a shed on your property, there’s a possibility it has become an aged storage room. Maybe you want to get more use out of it this summer! By cleaning it out, you can use it as an additional outdoor space, such as a buffet, playhouse, reading nook, craft room, or whatever creative idea comes to you! Getting rid of clutter can also be pleasing in itself. But don’t worry! There’s always a way to reorganize and find room for the treasures you want to save.

Add Outdoor Seating

Maybe you have a couple trees that are just begging for a hammock! Or a fenced porch that would make the perfect space for benches. When outdoor seating is present, it will encourage you to spend time outside. It’s a fun and simple way to get more time with family and friends outdoors.

Organize Creatively

So your children have toys scattered all over the yard? Maybe you have a bunch of pool supplies for when you bring out your above ground pool? Are you keeping landscaping tools propped up against the side of your house? You absolutely can reorganize without stuffing everything into a shed! Ideas like outdoor benches with built-in storage, using untouched space in the garage, and backyard deck boxes can keep your belongings out of sight, and within reach. There’s no need to be embarrassed by backyard clutter!

A few simple changes and updates might be all the inspiration you need to fire up the grill and invite your neighbors over! Get some fresh air, spend quality time with your family, and make the most out of this summer. Also remember, if you ever need help with any of these projects, we know just the professional to put you in touch with! At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring you the best in each industry. To see a list of contractors we recommend, visit us at responsiblecontractors.com. Or for a specific request, reach out to us!

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