Weekend Home Projects

Looking for a Weekend Project?

Sometimes you need a change, but just don’t know where to start. That full kitchen remodel is still over a year into your future, and you don’t have it in your budget to re-floor. But you do know one thing: You need to make an update! Here are some ideas of low-cost updates you can make to your home this weekend:

Paint the Trim

This is a great project for those who just need an aesthetic lift to an outdated room. You may not have the time, energy or funds to repaint your entire space, but for significantly less you can redo the trim. Choose a room, then sand and either paint or stain the trim, including floorboards, doorframe and window sills. This will give an instant, subtle upgrade to almost any space! Estimated cost: $50

Redo the Closet

Maybe the space that has become a headache for you is a more intimate one. Redoing your closet can allow you to be more organized, feel as though you have a little more control in the mornings, and be more pleasing for your eyes. Empty your closet, clean out what you don’t need, and update your closet’s shelving and organization. You can keep it simple and invest in wire shelving for less than $100, or find an organization system you like. Major home centers will sell a variety of closet organization systems, so you can find one that works with your budget and lifestyle. Estimated cost: $100-$400

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Change out your Hardware

You’re not ready to redo your kitchen cabinetry? One easy step that doesn’t need to cost more than $100 is to update the hardware. Pick out a style you like, and give your cabinetry new handles. You can even take it a step further by updating your sink’s faucet. This is a great in-between update, as the hardware you choose can be kept if you decide to give your entire kitchen a makeover. It is a small investment that will make a big difference in your kitchen! Estimated cost: $100 – $200

Wallpaper or Paint One Accent Wall

If you need more of a dramatic change, but only have one free day, you may want to add an accent wall. There are many decorative paints on the market to choose from. If you want to be a little more dramatic, you can even find a wallpaper you like! Accenting a wall in the living room, bedroom or dining room makes a huge difference in your home’s overall design. Estimated cost: $100 to $250.

Give your Bathroom a Mini Makeover

Your bathroom gets a lot of use, why not give it some TLC? For under $500, you can give it a makeover. From new lighting, to a new vanity, to updating the sink and hardware, there’s a lot of ways to redo a bathroom. Granite vanity tops can cost as little as $150. A new sink and faucet together can cost as little as $200. In addition, there are mini updates you can make, such as a new shower curtain, bathroom accents, even rugs! Give yourself a budget, decide what you want to change the most in your bathroom, and work outward from there. In 2-3 days you can have a transformed bathroom! Estimated cost: $400-$500

We know you don’t always have time or money for the big projects. That shouldn’t stop you from being able to make updates to your home! These are great ways to begin making changes to your home that will encourage you to make the larger investments down the line. Can’t do the labor yourself? Inspired to take on a larger remodel? We know people who can help! Remember, if you aren’t completely confident you can do something without incident, it’s always best to call in professional help. A job done wrong isn’t worthwhile. To see a list of contractors we trust to get the job done right, visit us online at responsiblecontractors.com.

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