Spotlight on: Innovative Dream Builders

There are many contractors out there with many specialties. It’s important to know who specializes in your particular project’s needs. General contractors can often work on most aspects of the home, and still be strongest in a specific category. When it comes to windows, your home will be best in the hands of Innovative Dream Builders. Specializing in the envelope of the home: windows, siding, roofing and painting, Innovative Dream Builders comes with the highest guarantee.

profileWindows2Founded by the George and Thompson families, Innovative Dream Builders prides themselves on being on time, on budget, using high quality products and maintaining the highest level of service, to ensure that every customer is well cared for. Above and beyond an in and out company, Innovative Dream Builders has you covered in the long term. What sets them apart is knowing who you are working with, and knowing whose cell phone to call if you ever have a problem: even years down the line. But is knowing they are a reliable company a reason to contract them? How will you know when to call them?

Signs of defective or deteriorated windows to check your own home for are: single pane glass, sweating or fog in between double pane, condensation around the frame, drafts, cracks or daylight showing, high energy bills or an A/C that needs to run all the time, and mold mildew or rot. If you’ve noticed any of these on your own home recently, it’s time to give Innovative Dream Builders a call. Defective windows can lead to higher energy bills, water damage, rot, UV damage to your floors and furniture, and allow mold and mildew to grow inside the home. Good windows are an important part of your home’s structure!

Think all windows are built the same? Think again. Will you use any piece of glass to defend your home against weather and outdoor debris? If there is any part of you that is unsure, we encourage you to get a free estimate. Have a conversation and allow them to give you a detailed proposal so you are equipped with knowledge and understanding, to make the best choice for your family’s home.

Windows are not the only service they offer, but they are one of their specialties. When you need windows, siding or painting for your home improvement, renovation, or remodeling project, remember Innovative Dream Builders and “Update your home with purpose!”

At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring you the best in each industry. We proudly give our highest recommendation for Innovative Dream Builders for your home’s windows! To find them and see more contractors we recommend, visit us at!

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