Speaking of Windows

It’s no secret that windows play an important role in your home. They protect against the weather, they guard against intruders big and small, they play a crucial role in your home’s energy usage, temperature, and air quality, and they perform all these important activities while making your home look bright and clean. Windows are important. Here’s what you, as the homeowner, can do to care for them.

There are different types of windows, from vinyl to aluminum, single pane to double pane, screened to unscreened. Because of this, we recommend asking your installer for pertinent information you need to know that may be specific to your window needs. In addition to that, here are some universal tips.

If your window is adjacent to the floor, has a sliding door or runs along a track of any kind, regular vacuuming along its base is encouraged. Dust, debris, and even soil can settle there. Before washing your windows, make sure it’s vacuumed. Once vacuumed, most newer window and door frames can be cleaned with a mixture of dish soap and lukewarm water. Note that older, solid wood frames can potentially take water damage and should be cleaned with a wood-safe product. If you are unsure, check with your manufacturer. Always avoid abrasive or caustic soaps, cleaners and solvents. You don’t want to damage your windows’ finish!

When cleaning your outdoor windows, high-pressure water hoses are unfortunately a much too common cleaning method. Avoid the temptation, even for the high, hard-to-reach windows. Hard pressure, abrasion, and chemicals will take a toll on your windows over time.

Indoor screens are even more fragile than your windows. The same careful practice of gentle cleaning should apply. A mild dish soap, water, and a soft brush are ideal to keep your screen clean without pulling, snagging or tearing!

A good step for windows that open and close is to make sure the hardware is functioning well. Annual lubrication is recommended. We all know the feeling of prying open, or attempting to pry open, a window that hasn’t been touched in a while and has become stuck, dirty, and hard to move or clean. Keeping your hardware in good shape will help prevent this. Included in this, it’s a good practice to keep an eye on your weatherstripping. Poor weatherstripping will create problems with the seal and lead to more repair needs down the line.

There are other repair and upkeep steps that can be taken, and some of them should be handled by a professional. Throughout the year, watch for condensation. Condensation is a sign of interior humidity, and could potentially be telling you that your windows aren’t performing well. During the rainy season, watch the drainage. If you have have water buildup along your window sill, it’s time to call in a window specialist.

We know you love looking out your window in the morning, watching the kids play in the backyard, opening the curtains to let the sunlight in, and opening your windows to let in a breeze in the summer weather. For all that your windows provide for your home, it’s worth the time and effort to keep them performing well. If your windows are outdated, permanently fogged, stuck closed, or damaged, we can show you who to call to get new ones that will perform well. Your home is worth it! To read more about contractors we recommend, visit us online at www.responsiblecontractors.com/windows_doors_contractor.html!

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