Should I Fix or Replace my Driveway?

Summer is the ideal time to take care of your driveway. The dry weather allows you to replace it without interference from the rain. But does it really need to be replaced? It is normal to notice cracks. The constant traffic and weathering cycles will cause damage in time. Maybe you’ve discovered little plants breaking through, or maybe you just have a few small fissures. The size and type of cracks you have will tell you what your driveway needs. As we are entering August, this is the time to take care of it!

If your driveway is in good shape, with only small cracks or divots, it can be repaired in a day. These repairs will extend the life of your driveway for up to a few years, making them a temporary but cost and time effective solution for driveways with only minor damage. The product you need for repair depends on the type of driveway you have. The two most commonly found driveways: asphalt and cement, can be repaired using fillers purchased from your local hardware store. Ask a store associate to direct you to the correct liquid filler. If comfortable doing this yourself, you can complete the task in a day. If this is out of your skill set, contact a professional to do the job for you. Hint: We can connect you!

If you find cracks larger than a quarter-inch in width, or a several inches in depth, you have larger problems. These large cracks are a sign that there are issues going on under the surface. If your driveway is more than twenty years old, you can be sure it’s time to replace. While you may be able to get away with patching it for a short time, problems will resurface quickly if the damage is more significant. Your time and money is better spent on a more permanent solution.

Driveways have a foundation, and many contractors are able to take off the top layer and resurface the driveway. This is a great substitute for a replacement that will get the job done in a more cost-effective manner. As long as there are no issues with the foundation itself, it is generally recommended to resurface. This should only be done by a professional. If you discover issues with the foundation, the whole driveway may need to be replaced.

But, why bother with any of this? What’s the problem with cracks in my driveway? Unless your driveway is in poor condition, or you’re about to sell your home, a new driveway isn’t known to add monetary value. The benefits of a driveway in proper condition do, however, extend beyond aesthetics. Cracks can pose a danger overtime. If not taken care of promptly, they can turn into a liability, as you, your family, and guests may easily trip. And while a good driveway may not increase your property value, a driveway in poor condition is a detractor for those looking to buy. Even if you aren’t selling your home, doesn’t it still deserve the best and safest?

At Responsible Contractors, we are here to connect you with the best contractors for your home. If you need someone to take care of your driveway repair, contact us for a recommendation, or see a list of companies we endorse at!

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