Spotlight on: Kanon Electric, Inc.

When it comes to electrical work, many of us are in the dark. We know how to plug in our appliances and get our tv’s up and running, but rewiring and reworking? The internet is flooded with information: video tutorials, DIY instructions, all providing a thousand solutions for each problem. With respect to electrical, we recommend always hiring a professional. Electrical work can be dangerous for the untrained, and has to be performed up to codes in which most homeowners are not well versed.

electrician2Thankfully, we can recommend you to those who do have the training, skills and expertise needed! When it comes to setting the standard, Kanon Electric is at the top! Whether you’re in need of basic repairs, rewiring and installation, or need an electrical contractor for a new project, you will be in good hands with Kanon. Located in Milton, WA, they are local to the Pacific Northwest, and a great presence in the community! They bring friendly service, honest advice, and quality work.

When you find an outlet or light has gone out, resist the impulse to start exploring! Proper precautions need to be taken for safety, and fire prevention. This is why it’s important to call a licensed professional such as Kanon Electric! Any repair or install that entails wiring can cause extensive damage if not done right. With Kanon Electric, you can have confidence that they have the knowledge, skill, and experience to get the job right. Additionally, they go above and beyond to make your home work more efficiently!

Whether you need repairs done, want to rewire for an upgrade, or added efficiency, or install new outlets, fans, or others, Kanon Electric has you covered! With electrical work, we know a reliable contractor is essential. We are proud to recommend Kanon Electric for all your electrical needs! To see them and more contractors we recommend, visit us online at!

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