Before Summer Ends: Carpet Cleaning

The weather is beginning to change on us, as we have just hit September! Those long, summer days are coming to an end, and it’s time to prepare your home for the colder seasons. Because the majority of homes are carpeted, at least in part, carpet cleaning should be on most bucket lists of improvements to be made before the dry days are gone.

Vacuum cleaner on a carpet with an extra clean strip

Your carpet is one of the dirtiest places in your home. It’s the victim of spilling, trampling, dust and dirt settling, and more. Regular vacuuming is usually a good practice, however with all that your carpet endures, having it professionally cleaned once a year will keep it looking, feeling, and smelling clean! This is especially beneficial for homes with children who like to stretch out on the soft floor. Needing to have your carpet cleaned? Here’s what you should know!

While it’s possible to clean your own carpets with a carpet cleaning vacuum, there are reasons you should consider having a professional handle your annual cleaning project. There are two widely used methods of carpet cleaning: Steam cleaning, and hot carbonation, or dry chemical techniques. Most carpet cleaners you can purchase steam clean. Steam cleaning is a great method when done right. When using an inferior product, however, it can leave soap behind which will attract more dirt, and take longer to dry, which can lead to mildew. Done by a professional with the right equipment, steam cleaning will kill bacteria, extract dirt, and should dry within a ten hour period.

The other method professionals use is hot carbonation, or dry chemical cleaning. The benefit of dry cleaning is that there is a smaller chance for leftover moisture, which can lead to mildew, and mold spores. While dry cleaning does require some water, it is a significantly smaller amount. This, when carbonated, creates effervescent bubbles which suck the dirt from the carpet to be vacuumed away.

So which cleaning method is right for your home? Both methods may work well. When choosing between steam cleaning and hot carbonation, you’ll want to consider first your carpet. If you know who manufactured it, check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Not all carpets are created equal! Also, if anyone in your home has high sensitivity, the hot carbonation may be a more gentle option, as it doesn’t require the chemicals steam cleaning uses. For someone looking for a more thorough cleanliness, the chemical power of steam cleaning might be a great option. Lastly, consider your environment. If you live in a dry climate, steam cleaning will likely pose little to no threat, as the carpet will have a chance to dry completely. If you are concerned about humidity, hot carbonation may be a safer option to prevent mold from growing after the cleaning.

When caring for your home, we know you deserve the best. Whether cleaning your carpet, installing new flooring, or updating other areas of the home, it’s important to have the help of an expert you can trust. To see contractors we recommend, visit us online at!

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