Spotlight on: Awnings By Design

We know how you feel. As much as you love the sunshine, sometimes you just need a little shade or protection from the weather. We have the perfect solution to enjoy the sun, or any kind of weather, on your terms. Awnings By Design can provide that solution!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.32.57 PMFrom solar shades for your windows, to retractable, motorized awnings, Awnings By Design offers a custom solution to give you complete control of where, and how the weather effects your home and yard. Getting a little too hot for your taste? No problem. Want a little shade while you enjoy the sunlit yard? Absolutely! And it can be an aesthetic design addition as well!

Family owned and operated, Awnings By Design brings the personal touch and best customer experience to your doorstep. Awnings can come in a wide variety of designs and solutions. Many of us, when we hear the word awning, think of a large canopy over our deck. Today’s market offers many more options than that! You have a wide variety choices:  Retractable or fixed, window or roof-mounted, canvas or aluminum, flat or rounded, and more! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.33.06 PMBut what about the rest of the year? We Washingtonians enjoy our few months of sun, but are no stranger to the wet, cold seasons. As a local company, Awnings By Design caters to year-round solutions. Awnings are mildew-resistant, and can be motorize to self-store. This keeps them from being damaged in the cold season, so that the next summer around they are ready to face the sun again!

Those looking for a more permanent solution also have options. Awnings By Design builds patio covers, which will protect you from the sun during the summer, and the rain during the winter. If you have an outdoor space that you’d like to use all year round, patio covers are a great solution. Your outdoor space never needs to go unused.

Awnings By Design help you beat the weather by creating the right solution for your home and lifestyle. Whatever your goal for your outdoor space is, they can make it a reality. You live in your home; why not enjoy all it has to offer, even when the weather is telling you otherwise?

At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring you the best in each industry. To view Awnings By Design, and other contractors we recommend, visit us at

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