Spotlight on: Mountain View Pumps

If there is one universal thing we humans rely on, it’s water. Those of us living in the Northwest are spoiled for abundance. We turn on the sink, and ready to drink water flows at our disposal! At least, it should. Sometimes, that refreshing glass of water has a distorted flavor. You may at times notice a slight color. Sometimes the problem is with the pressure, or the water won’t come out at all. There are a lot of reasons that your water may stop performing as it is meant to. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a water expert to restore it. That’s what Mountain View Pumps does!

Kenny_Marlene_Mountain_View_PumpsEstablished 20 years ago, originally as “Helen’s Pumps and Filters,” Mountain View Pumps and Filtration is owned and operated by Marlene and Kenny Smith. They run their company on the understanding of the importance of clean, healthy drinking water. The goal? To provide their customers with water solutions that are both functional and economical. We all share this world, and we all rely on it for water. Giving families practical, economical means to healthy drinking water is invaluable.

Mountain View Pumps is an established leader in the pump and water filtration industry. From water analysis, to system maintenance and repair, to the installation of new purification systems, they can handle every home’s needs! When you begin to notice a problem with your water, often times the first step is an analysis. Mountain View Pumps uses a state certified lab to test your water for minerals and anything that may be polluting it. From there, they can give you a solution to restore your water.

In the northwest, we are known for lots of land. Many of us live on properties that rely on their own wells as a source of water. As a local company, this is their specialty! Mountain View Pumps are experts in wells and private water systems. Building a new home? Need to update your well? They are exactly the people to call!

When it comes to the water you drink, compromise is never a good option. Fortunately, you have trusted experts in your community who can make sure you won’t have to! At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring you the best in each industry. We are proud to recommend Mountain View Pumps for your water filtration needs! To read more about them and see other contractors we recommend, visit us online at

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