Preparing for Rain: Mudrooms

The rain is returning, and the dirt is going to turn to mud. While we love fall, the crisp cool air, and the green and orange landscapes, we don’t want the rain and mud in our house. As you trade your sandals for boots, and your t-shirts for large coats, it will become more of a challenge to keep the outside from coming inside. If your home has a mudroom, it’s time to get it up to date! If it doesn’t, we can help you create something similar in your entryway. 

What is a mudroom? It is a designated space at the entrance to your home, designed to keep your muddy boots and wet coats properly stored when you come in. Some homes come with a mudroom already built in, making it much simpler to outfit the space. If your home doesn’t have a mudroom though, there are ways to mimic the effects.

If you’re getting your mudroom up to date for the season, here’s a few elements to have on your checklist. The first step is to clean it out. Once it’s clean, you can check the quality of the floor and furniture finish. Do you have scratched hardwood? Grout that is cracking? Your floor is met with lots of traffic, and will sustain damage over the fall and winter if it isn’t properly protected. The same rule applies to your furniture. If you have wooden furniture, how is the seal? Water damages wood, so it’s important to keep your furniture sealed and protected from the moisture and mud that will be chaperoned inside. Additional elements to consider adding are matts to wipe your boots on, coat racks that are high enough for long coats, and a laundry basket for dirty outerwear that needs to be sent to the wash. These essentials will help you quickly make your mudroom a functional, weather-proof entry!

If your home does not have a separate mudroom in the floor plan, you can still apply the same principles to your front entry to make your home fall-ready! Your floor should be ready for the dirt, mud and water that will trample it. Most homes have a hard floor at the entry such as tile, vinyl or wood. A simple trick is to have a water-resistant matt placed by the front door. If your entry has a closet that doesn’t allow room for air to dry your coats and scarves, consider a coat rack as a quick addition. This will give them a place to dry before being put back in the closet for storage. Another way to mimic a mudroom is to have a bench with storage by the door. Storage will allow a place to store gloves, hats, and miscellaneous items that are best kept by the door. And a place to sit and take off boots and outerwear will not only be more comfortable for everyone, but will discourage incomers from wearing their shoes inside. Also, a laundry basket by the door will prove a quick, effective addition!

Preparing your mudroom or entryway for the cold weather is a quick, yet effective step towards a fall and winter ready home! If in the process, you find any damage to your floor, door, or windows, don’t hesitate to get it fixed. Contact a contractor to take care of it before the winter hits. To see contractors we recommend, visit us at!

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