Spotlight on: My Ph.D Services

Plumbing, heating, and drains. Three essential components of your home. Three systems that are expected to function when needed. Three jobs you don’t want to have to touch yourself. So why do it yourself, when you have the right company to call? Located in Tacoma, WA, My Ph.D Services is family owned and operated. With over 13 years of experience and thousands of completed jobs, they are difficult to surprise, and always ready to help! Having a home emergency? They have after-hour emergency help available, as well.

1.15.14My Ph.D Services are fully licensed plumbers, and offer a full selection of plumbing services. They can work with you residentially, or with your business. Leaky faucet? Toilet not working? Garbage disposal smells funny? They are prepared to resolve these, and more. Their emergency line is a great one to have in your phone, in case you ever find yourself with a bathroom outbreak.  In addition to being your go-to emergency number, they are a great resource for remodels and new construction. They are your local, high-quality plumbing professionals!

Of course, plumbing isn’t the only thing they do! They are a great resource for various methods of heating as well. They repair and install many types of hot water systems, from gas, to electric, to tankless, and boilers. If you are remodeling, they can help you choose the right heating system for your home! Hydronic heating is a good choice for allergy sufferers, as it heats the home without circulating dust and impurities. Radiant floor heating systems are a creative, luxurious way to bring your home to a comfortable temperature as well. And the ever-envied solar heating is also an option when you work with My Ph.D Services! This is a great option for those who care about having an environmentally friendly and efficient home. But, don’t take our word for it. Call My Ph.D Services and let the experts more thoroughly explain your options.

Drain cleaning can seem like a small task, but is important for a healthy water system. As dirt, grease and debris accumulate with usage, it can cause blockages, which will lead to messy back-ups that can reach your sewer lines. Many just grab a drain cleaner from their local hardware store, but there are alternatives that will not be so harsh on your sewer and skeptic system. My Ph.D Services has the skills and equipment to provide that alternative! When you notice a sink is draining slower than it ought to, consider calling them to take care of it before it turns into a messy blockage.

There are many moving parts to a healthy, efficient, functioning home. Plumbing, heating, and draining are among these parts. Take care of your home, and make sure these systems are working as they need to be. If you run into a problem, or need emergency help with them, My Ph.D Services are exactly the people to call! Their family will take care of yours. It all starts with a phone call. At Responsible contractors, we aim to bring you the best in each industry. We proudly recommend My Ph.D Services for your plumbing, heating and drain cleaning needs.

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