Tune Up Your Kitchen for Christmas

In the midst of the Holiday seasons, no doubt your family is spending more time in the kitchen baking, decorating, making hot cider and cocoa, and creating memories! For those of us hosting the big Christmas dinner, we go an extra length to make sure our house is in pristine order. But outside your normal cleaning routine, where do you begin? Here’s a few ideas for your checklist to make your kitchen it’s best yet.

Organize your Kitchenware. We understand that you really love your spring china collection. But will you be using them this winter? Households become cluttered when unused possessions lay around and gather dust. We know they’re sentimental, and there’s no need to trash them. During the Holidays, you’ll be pulling out a lot of Christmas decor and baking supplies that go unused most of the year. Make room for these by boxing and storing away anything you won’t need until the groundhog comes out of hiding. With clean space, you can declutter and reorganize to have access to everything you’ll need for Christmas!

Consider your Furniture Arrangement. One of the most important aspects of a home is space. How your furniture is arranged has a great impact on its spacial feel. Hosting Christmas dinner? Lots of family coming? Opening up your kitchen and dining room will make everyone more comfortable. When you know how many people you’ll be hosting, plan your space accordingly. Unused furniture like large chairs, end tables, and corner desks that will not be needed can be moved into a different room. The space can then be used for seating and cooking. When it’s all over, move things back, or leave them the way they are! You just might come up with a new arrangement you love.

Tie up Loose Ends. An organized and well-arranged kitchen and dining area will have you well on your way! Inevitably, cleaning will happen throughout these processes. In the midst of cleaning, here’s a few reminders: Check the appliances. The oven will need to be cleaned, the fridge and freezer will need to have space, and you definitely want your coffee maker to work Christmas morning! Rugs and mats on the floor are easy to forget or overlook. When is the last time you cleaned or changed them? Maybe a good vacuum will do the trick, or maybe it’s time to update the old kitchen rug with something newer, brighter and clean! Check your lights (how long has that bulb been out?) and fixtures. Finally, check your doors and windows, as they are also easy to overlook during regular cleaning.

The Holiday seasons are a beloved of many! For those of us who get to host our friends and family, it can be a fun time, and it doesn’t have to be stressful! Trade the stress and business for laughs and memories. Readying your house ahead of time will help! Notice a problem? Need a professional to assist along the way? We can recommend the right person. Contact us for a referral or visit us online at www.responsiblecontractors.com!

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