Home Improvement in the Winter

While the freezing nights seem to be behind us, the days are still cold and wet. Washingtonians are accustomed to the rain, especially during the colder months, but it still has a way of keeping us indoors. It’s normal to develop a degree of cabin fever, daydreaming of warmer weather, even looking forward to spring cleaning. You may be excited to hear that there are home improvement projects that are friendly to this season!

  1. Get Organized

We know, that’s what spring cleaning is suppose to be for. But you can actually get a jump on spring cleaning by doing internal organizing during the winter. That way when spring rolls around you’ll be able to clean more deeply, rather than spend extra time organizing your clutter. For those of us with New Year’s Resolutions that involve being more organized or productive, this is also a great chance to act on those resolutions. Consider investing in a new closet-organization system, and get rid of old clutter in the process. You might breath easier when your house feels more put together!

2) Plan for Summer

It’s true that most remodels are best done when dry. However, this is the ideal time to start planning. From choosing a contractor, to budgeting for the year and re-designing, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a renovation. If you start now, you will afford yourself time to look at more options, weigh more choices, and make more informed decisions. You’ll want to start construction when summer comes, so start preparing now!

3) Make Minor Design Upgrades

Not all of us are able to do large scale remodels on a consistent basis. But there are design changes that will keep your home feeling fresh and delightful! This time of year, if you’re fighting cabin fever, think about small upgrades you can make. Change out your light fixtures and bulbs, purchase a new appliance, paint an accent wall, or replace your window coverings! These are just a few ideas that can be a small step towards a big change. Don’t let the cold, dark nights make your home feel dark!

4) Get an Energy Audit

If you were shocked energy bills the last couple months, you aren’t alone. The days are shorter and colder, and the lights are on longer, and the heat turned up higher. This is the perfect time to have an energy audit done, as you’re using the bulk of your power. You can actually hire a certified energy rater to evaluate and test your home. He will look for energy losses, safety issues, and provide you with a detailed report. With this information, you can make targeted changes in your energy habits.

The seasons may be an inevitable force of change, but you can still maintain a great house and home all year round. Make the most of this season and prepare for the next! Your home and family will thank you. If there’s any part of your home which needs a more experienced hand, please find a professional. You can find a list of contractors we trust to care for your home at responsiblecontractors.com.

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