Got a Pollen Problem?

Let’s face it. The spring blossoms are beautiful, but the pollen they produce? Not so much. If you’re one of the approximately 36 million seasonal allergy sufferers in the United States, the pollen floating around can spoil a beautiful Spring day. There is good news, though! There are steps you can take to guard your home and yard against pollen, and create a more breathable atmosphere.

Outside, a little yard work can go a long way. True, you may never be able to completely eradicate it, but you can reduce it! Start by mowing low. If your allergies are particularly stubborn, you may ask a friend or relative to mow for the first time. Keeping a short yard and mowing frequently can help prevent flowers and weeds from popping up. In addition to this, you may consider fertilizing the lawn. Thicker grass will leave little space for allergenic weeds. If you’re an allergy sufferer, choose a day that’s not as windy; ideally after a good rain which will help pollen settle.

When you’re spending time outside, whether doing yard work or braving the family barbecue, a little personal protection equipment goes a long way. Don’t worry, you don’t need to waltz around in a hazmat suit. Long sleeves and pants can help prevent pollen from settling on your skin. Sunglasses will be your best friend! Foreign entities often enter through the eyes, and pollen is no exception. Protecting your eyes will provide an extra line of defense. And of course, make sure you quickly discard clothes that have been worn outside. Pollen that settles on your clothes will end up floating through the house if you wear them indoors.

Inside, you can take steps to keep the pollen from coming into the home. Start with the basics: Keep the windows and doors closed, dry your clothes in the dryer rather than letting them hang dry, and be especially mindful of pets. Fur can attract plenty of pollen, and when your little friend is running through the house, he will be bringing the pollen along with him. On warm, sunny days, avoid ceiling fans, and instead opt for air conditioning. Ceiling fans will spread pollen, but air conditioning will help filter it out while keeping your home cool.

If you’re one who suffers from more severe allergies, these steps, while helpful, will not be enough. You can track the daily pollen count in your local forecast, and will need to be picky about which days you spend outdoors. In addition, over the counter medications may help, but that’s a conversation to have with your doctor.

We will never eradicate pollen, and why would we want to? After all, in spite of the allergies, it keeps the grass green and the blossoms beautiful. When Spring hits, though, take a few steps to keep your air a little more clean. You might yet be able to enjoy a little sun! For yards that are particularly allergenic, or a landscape you can’t get under control, a professional can help. At Responsible Contractors, we aim to bring you the best in each industry. If you need help with your yard, air conditioning, windows or more, visit us online at to find someone you can count on.

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