Re-siding with Vinyl Siding

This is the time of year when homeowners are preparing for exterior maintenance. Many of you have started taking a look at your budgets, calling around for estimates, and getting a feel for what’s available. When it comes to siding, you have many great options! Let’s take a few minutes to look at one in particular that is statistically the most common choice in the United States: Vinyl.

You may hear vinyl and have your mind instantly travel back to the 1950’s. Don’t let history deceive you, today’s vinyl is far removed from when it first entered the market several decades ago. In fact, the past five years have provided advances in manufacturing that make the vinyl of today a durable, comprehensive choice for homeowners. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

White two-story home

Economic: One of the major advantages of vinyl siding is that it is an economic choice for homeowners working on a budget. A decent vinyl can provide significant savings when compared with more traditional sidings such as cedar. Like most construction elements, you have options when choosing a vinyl. It should be noted that premium vinyl siding can cost as much as high grade cedar and redwood, but vinyl also offers a wider variety to work within your budget. Many homeowners find a siding that works well with their home and still saves them room in their budget.

Maintenance: Because vinyl is a plastic product, maintenance is much simpler than with many more traditional siding choices. One of the biggest advantages is that vinyl siding does not need to be painted. For those who like to change the color of their home every five years, that might not be great news. But for the homeowner who wants a look that will last without the chipping, scraping and repainting involved in wooden and aluminum sidings, this is a huge bonus! Vinyl can be cleaned with soap or water, and will not succumb to the problems wood and metal face, such as rotting and rusting.

Longevity: A good vinyl siding will offer durability and longevity. Manufacturing processes have perfected vinyl to make it heat, wind, and water resistant. In fact, many companies are so confident in this that they offer lifetime warranties with their vinyl siding. If you decide to choose a siding for your home, choose one that will be warrantied for a lifetime.

Design: Vinyl offers a lot of options when it comes to design choice. In fact, many vinyl sidings are designed to look like natural elements such as wood and stone. Although it is a plastic product, your home won’t look like a plastic dollhouse. Architecture today is taking advantage of the diversity vinyl offers. In fact, many historical renovations today make use of vinyl siding. As a homeowner, you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for a durable, economic choice.

While vinyl may not be the one and only, and may not be right for everyone, it is increasing in popularity due to its economic advantages. If your old siding is damaged and you’re ready for a fresh exterior, or you’re looking into building a new home, you can add vinyl to your list of siding opportunities. When you’re ready to re-side your home, whether you go with vinyl or another option, make sure to find a contractor you can trust, and who will guarantee his work. To find a professional you can count on, visit us online at!

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