OGO Contracting Can Build Your Dream Home

“It all starts with you and your dreams for your home.”

Sig. Ottar Hreinsson understands how to translate a customer’s vision of their house into a beautifully renovated home. Siggi has been in the construction business for over 20 years as a professional woodworker and home improvement contractor. With an unparalleled commitment to providing quality service, OGO’s team only accepts one project at a time in order to give the customer their full attention. Siggi is a customer-centered contractor: “It all starts with you and your dreams for your home.”

OGO Contracting

OGO Contracting is the evolution of Siggi’s first enterprise, Siggi’s Woodworking. From 1997-2013 he and his team put their stamp on greater Seattle’s restoration scene. He expanded his services to including custom home remodeling, forming OGO in 2014.   Today they are helping homeowners accomplish projects including remodeling, building additions, painting, and refinishing your home’s exterior.

Imagine the possibilities for your home! OGO offers whole house remodels if you like your house’s basic structure but want the design better tailored to your personal style. For smaller-scale fixes, his crew can give you a new kitchen or bathroom, install drywall, and do custom woodwork. If you like having guests over for barbeques, Siggi can design and build a patio deck and stairs. Parents of young children living in an older home might want to consider having Siggi update their home’s railings and replace doors or windows with safer options.

A solution-based approach

Siggi’s crew takes a solution-based approach to design, incorporating the homeowner’s budget, functional needs, and aesthetic preferences. They turn an old boiler room into a brand new bathroom, install decks for outdoor entertaining, transform your basement into a family den, and restore your home’s curb appeal with a complete external refinish.

Here is an example of how OGO modernizes spaces. In this Lynnwood, WA home, Siggi restored the cabinets and painted them white, giving the overall space a lighter, brighter feel. He also upgraded the quality of the space by installing crown molding. With a few simple changes, he increased the home’s value and gave the homeowner what feels like a new kitchen.

OGO Contracting Can Build Your Dream Home


Customers are more than satisfied

They are thrilled with Siggi’s work and also impressed with his character. He is described as personable, prompt, and honest, offering fair prices and committed to giving homeowners exactly what they want. Many customers become repeat clients, because they know they can trust OGO to get the job done on schedule, within budget, and using the best materials and construction methods.

Check out a full list of testimonials from OGO’s customers on their Responsible Contractors page. Responsible Contractors can vouch for OGO Contracting as a verified, licensed, bonded, and insured company providing quality services for Seattle area homeowners.

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