Diamond Finish Construction’s Commitment to Flawless Work

A Commitment to Flawless Work

Kurt Heidorn holds himself to the highest standards when it comes to construction. Establishing his business in 2001, he chose the name Diamond Finish Construction to express the company’s commitment to excellent work. “We wanted a name that would convey what we thought our finished work should represent,” he explains. “A diamond finish to us means a clean, flawless finish to a customer’s remodeling project.”

Kurt’s approach is informed by over 40 years of experience. Starting out as a union carpenter, he became a journeyman and was promoted to run several crews as a foreman. His management experience translated nicely into running a business, which he opened 15 years ago. Today he is a licensed general contractor capable of tackling a variety of home remodeling projects.

Although Kurt originally worked with large development companies, his real interest was remodeling and creating beautiful homes for people. His crew serves homeowners across the Western Washington region, helping them protect a family’s most important investment.


Placing a premium on creating beautiful, energy efficient homes.

Diamond Finish places a premium on creating beautiful, energy efficient homes. Using Energy Star windows and Alside, Excalibur, and Prodigy products, they save homeowners hundreds in energy costs. Re-siding the exterior can improve your home’s appearance, while also better insulate the interior. In addition to installing warranty-protected siding and windows, the company also does small remodels inside the home.

Examples of Diamond Finish’s flawless remodeling projects


Kurt himself meets with prospective customers, identifying issues and proposing time and cost-efficient solutions. Diamond Finish’s motto is, “Quality Finish the Old Fashion Way” – meaning Kurt and his crew give customers personal service and years of construction experience. Even now, Kurt takes immense satisfaction in working with tools: “Each have their specific functions to bring a project to life.”

One of Kurt’s favorite projects was a recent siding installation. The client had spoken with other companies before contacting Diamond Finish, who offered her outrageously high bids that included unnecessary items and scared her into believing she could not afford to re-side her home. Kurt describes, “It was a good feeling to give her the siding she was looking for at a reasonable price. She was ecstatic with the results and wrote us a great thank you note.” In fact, many of Diamond Finish’s customers remark not only on the exceptional results of their remodeling projects, but also highlight the crew’s courteousness, skill, and honesty.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a small company who offers big changes for a home’s design and efficiency, consider Diamond Finish Construction.


Our Goal

At Responsible Contractors, our goal is to provide you the best construction partner for your needs. When it comes to Siding, Windows & Doors, we confidently recommend Diamond Finish Construction. To read more about them, visit us online at https://www.responsiblecontractors.com/contractors/Diamond-Finish-Construction.html



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