6 Small Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value Big Time

Small Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value Big Time

Whether you are looking to put your house on the market in the next few months or just thinking ahead, there are easy ways to up your home’s resale value. Keep a buyer’s perspective when assessing your house for potential improvements. The big 4 areas you want to concentrate on are Space, Appearance, Luxuries, and Efficiency, or SALE.

6 Small Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value Big Time

Large stone and brick home with arched doorway


Up the Curb Appeal

What’s your landscaping situation? Use a critical eye and determine if your yard frames your house the best way possible. Are there any large trees or bushes obscuring the view of the house from the street? Trim or remove them; a home’s value is decreased when it’s hidden by overgrown plants. Are there any potential hazards that need to be addressed? Is your lawn green and well-tended?

Bring some color to your yard by planting colorful flowers and choosing evergreen, weather-resistant plants. Treat your lawn or hire a lawn service to help you revive your grass. Consider adding small but attractive elements such as path lights, rock walls on planter beds, a little pond, or doing a vertical garden to save space.


A Fresh Coat of Paint

Just pressure-washing your home’s exterior can make a big difference in how it looks. If you have the time and money, repainting your house is a great way to make it stand out to buyers. If you have the time and a reasonably-sized home, you can do it yourself for the cost of paint, rollers, brushes, and sanding supplies. Or you can hire a professional to tackle this important value-adding project.

Inside your house, touch up any small issues, such as dings and marks on the walls. Repaint a fresh coat on a room’s trim for an instant brightening effect. And if you are planning on reselling your home soon, paint over any “statement” colors with more neutral tones. You may love a lime green kitchen, but chances are most prospective buyers won’t.


Maximize Space

If you are in an older home, the layout might be choppy. Buyers today almost always have “open floor plan” at the top of their wish list. Fortunately, there are simple fixes to improve your house’s flow. Consult a contractor about removing unnecessary (not load-bearing) walls between rooms.

On a smaller scale, declutter your living space and garage to give your home a bigger feel. This can mean swapping enormous furniture for smaller pieces, parting with old, unused items, or tossing broken pieces. The goal is to create a space that feels open and usable.


Adjust the Lighting

Another desired item on buyers’ wish list is natural light. Highlight your home’s windows with retractable shades so you have the option of flooding the space with light. You can also install skylights if you want to bring in light from above. Hang mirrors on the walls to amplify the light streaming in.

Even when the weather is not cooperating, it’s possible to mimic a sunlit house with the right lighting. Choose cool-tone (white) bulbs for your lamps. If you don’t have it already, add recessed lighting in bigger rooms like the kitchen and family rooms.


Keep Everything in Working Order

Hire a home inspector to help you identify and resolve structural and safety issues with your house. Some problems you will be able to fix yourself, but bigger projects need to be outsourced to the pros so that your home and its appliances are running efficiently and effectively.


Little Luxuries

Add little luxuries to your house to make a big impact on buyers. Dimmer switches for lights, a water filtration system in the kitchen, new showerheads, and attractive window treatments all make a home more comfortable. Swap out old fixtures like ceiling fans, towel racks, and faucets for more stylish updates. When you’re ready to show the home, add final touches like fresh flowers and good smells to make the house really stand out.



Investing a little bit of money in improving your home now can pay off in a big way when you’re looking to sell. Remember SALE – concentrate on enhancing the house’s space, appearance, luxuries, and efficiency to capture prospective buyers’ interest.

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