Elite Exteriors Setting the Standard for Home Renovations

John Ramsdell established Elite Exteriors in 1997 on the premises of honesty and transparency. His goal was to redefine how contractors worked with their customers, maintaining that it was his responsibility to help educate homeowners about their buildings’ conditions. Today Elite renovates homes and commercial buildings in the Puget Sound area from the inside out, informing the customer about the underlying structures to support their exterior projects. In this way, customers know they are receiving the fairest price for the most skilled craftsmanship.


John values using premium materials because he wants to offer an end result that is both beautiful and lasting. For over 20 years Elite has selected products based on both their exterior beauty and their protective capacity. The company works with exclusive, upscale vendors such as Apex Siding, DaVinci Roofing, and Andersen Windows.


Elite makes a call to each customer and works with you to find the right choice for your aesthetic preferences and building’s needs. Services include a free estimate and consultation, where one of Elite’s team brings sample materials for you to inspect and consider in person.


For siding needs, Elite recommends products that protect your home’s exterior, improve the building’s energy efficiency, and correspond with your preferred style. They offer real wood and vinyl options, the latter now available in excellent synthetic products that resemble cedar.


Roofing projects include an on-site analysis of your building’s roof, informing the customer of existing issues, potential problems, and an estimate for how much longer you can expect the roof to last. When clients need a roof repair or complete installation, Elite offers metal roof, natural cedar shake, tile, and a variety of composite materials as options. Products come with up to a 50 year warranty.

Elite Exteriors Setting the Standard for Home Renovations

Elite uses the highest-quality siding, windows, roofing, and coating products to protect your home from weather, moisture, and fade.

For weather-proofing your home, Elite offers window installations, as well as a unique alternative to painting: the CHIC Advanced Coating System. CHIC is a liquid vinyl with high-strength polymer resins that, when applied to a building’s exterior, provides a beautiful, durable finish that always looks new. It adheres to all kinds of surfaces, including stucco, brick, metal, and wood. CHIC is resistant to UV, fade, pest, mold, and mildew issues, as well as waterproof and fire retardant.  It is available in a range of colors and can be pressure washed, although it is ultimately nearly maintenance-free. Elite proudly offers CHIC to treat your home’s exterior because their team knows this product saves customers money and time in the long run. You will not have to repaint, replace siding, and your home is protected from energy leaks.


Elite also offers diagnostic services, helping customers identify and resolve structural issues due to moisture. Using thermal imaging scanners, Elite can find and eliminate the source of water intrusion and mold problems that threaten to compromise your building. They know that long-lasting exterior surfaces also depend on functioning interior spaces. In keeping with Elite’s mission to educate customers, Ramsdell is a contributor on the podcast, “Home Matters,” which airs Saturdays on KIRO 97.3.


Testimonials from happy customers who are delighted with Elite’s attention to detail, cleanliness, timeliness, and honesty. Ramsdell notes, “We take great pride and care in every job that we do….”

Elite Exteriors: Setting the Standard for Home Renovations, one of our Responsible Contractors in Bremerton is focused on honesty and transparency.

A pristine, elegant exterior that is durable and energy-efficient.


The Elite Exterior team isn’t just raising the bar on quality home exteriors – they are setting it.

Responsible Contractors’ goal is to connect consumers with qualified, reliable contractors. We happily recommend Elite Exteriors as a verified, licensed, bonded, and insured company providing quality home renovation services for Puget Sound, Kitsap Peninsula, and Pierce County customers.



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