How To Get More Curb Appeal: 9 Landscaping Projects

Shifting from summer to fall, you can start thinking about hosting guests for long weekends and holidays. Part of getting your house ready for company includes tending to its exterior and the yard. Here are 9 landscaping projects to instantly increase your home’s curb appeal:

How To Get More Curb Appeal 9 Landscaping Projects, Responsible Contractors, WA

Red brick house with black shutters and pretty manicured lawn / garden

  1. Plant a Tree

Some trees are perennial pains to deal with, but the right type can change the look of your entire yard with little to no maintenance. Blue spruce trees are hardy and retain color all year. The sugar maple, red oaks, and smoke trees provide stunning color come fall. Or consider a fruit tree if you like the idea of growing your own produce.

  1. Remove a Tree

On the one hand, trees can add color, natural boundaries, and shade to your yard. On the other, sometimes trees attract unwanted pests, pose a safety hazard, or obscure the view of your home from the street. Removing a tree is a big task and you need to consider all the factors, including nearby structures and utility wires. Consider hiring a professional to fell and remove unwanted trees.

  1. Illuminate Your Yard

The same way the right light can show your home’s interior to its best advantage, you can also use landscape lighting to showcase your house’s best exterior features. Strategically placed pathway lights add visual interest to driveways and walkways, and you can position spotlights to illuminate your home’s façade. Fairy lights look lovely on trellises, patios, and gazebos, and underwater lights will keep your pond, fountain, or waterfall visible after dark.

  1. Repair or Replace the Driveway

You don’t have to keep the standard black asphalt driveway. While just fixing any cracks or holes in your existing drive will enhance your home’s look, consider replacing the asphalt with crushed stone, gravel, brick, concrete, or cobblestone. Similarly, look at your walkways and determine if they need upgrading as well. If your driveway and paths are in good shape, plant some flowers and add lights to really help them look their best.

  1. Tackle Your Lawn

Depending on where you live, maintaining a green lawn year-round may be out of the question. In fact, in some places a green lawn might be impossible any time of the year! Regardless, you want to find a clean, polished look for your yard that looks intentional and fits in with the overall aesthetic of your house, neighborhood, and environment. Consult a landscaper for advice if you don’t know what materials to use on your lawn or in lieu of traditional grass.

  1. Create an Outdoor Living Space

If you have a front porch, take advantage of it! Keep it clean and add a sitting area so that you can enjoy the outdoors at home. Renovate or add a deck, patio, or pergola to create an additional entertaining space for your house. Outdoor living contractors have an abundance of options to integrate outdoor spaces into your home’s existing design, and can add weatherproof features to protect your cooking equipment, electronics, and furniture.

  1. Add a Storage Shed

If you are forced to choose between shoving more items into an already packed garage or leaving them in your yard, think about adding a custom storage shed.  It’s a great way to clean up your yard without sacrificing space in your home or garage.

  1. Fence It In

A sturdy, attractively-designed fence adds value to your home. One option is to use landscaping to create a natural fence, delineating boundaries with trees, shrubs, and rocks. However, for a more traditional structure, look for hard-wearing materials that enhance, rather than distract, from your yard. A good landscaper can tell you how to choose the right fence for your needs.

  1. Add Water Features

If you really want to add a striking element to your yard, add a fountain, waterfall, or pond. Water features can provide a sense of serenity or opulence, and are alternatives to adding trees or big plants to your yard. Make sure that the water feature is operating correctly; standing water attracts mosquitos. Use stone, tile, and flowers to make your water feature stand out!

At Responsible Contractors, we care about connecting consumers with qualified, reliable contractors. Check out our full directory to find the right professional help you with your next landscaping project!



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