West Seattle Natural Energy:

Bringing Renewable Energy to the Pacific Northwest

For almost a decade, Keith Hughes has been on a mission to bring renewable energy to the Pacific Northwest. Since 2008 his company, West Seattle Natural Energy, LLC, has been connecting consumers with Renewable Energy Systems, pledging to “save the planet, one home at a time!” Hughes takes the lead on every project, applying over 30 years of experience as contractor. Clients can count on WSNE for a personalized service experience and custom installations designed to optimize their home’s energy output and efficiency.


WSNE is a family and veteran owned and operated company.  Their eight-person team represents the region’s most talented installers and electricians. They take a three-pronged approach to ensuring customer satisfaction: honesty, quality, and educating clients. Their honesty is evident in how their sales force presents straightforward, transparent project proposals and associated costs, promising clients no financial surprises on the final bill. The quality of their work is embodied in both the end product itself and the team’s commitment to timely and reliable working schedules. Hughes and his team are dedicated to educating clients about the benefits of natural energy for their homes, as well as for the overall environment.


Renewable sources stand to improve your home’s energy efficiency and your electric bills. WSNE helps families and businesses use the sun to fuel their energy needs. By harnessing solar and wind power, we can lower pollution, decrease the use of fossil fuels, increase the supply of available electricity for shared use, and dramatically increase the reliability of your home’s electric system. When enough people convert to using renewable energy, the result is a greener, more dependable, and less expensive electric grid.

West Seattle Natural Energy solar panel systems cut your home’s energy costs, while increasing your electricity’s reliability; Responsible Contractors in WA

WSNE’s solar panel systems cut your home’s energy costs, while increasing your electricity’s reliability.


WSNE offers premium Solar World Panels – the only company in the state of Washington acting as a Platinum Installer. The panels are the go-to choice for consumers who want the most efficient product with the longest life; each panel has a 25 year performance guarantee. Clients can add an Enphase Micro-Inverter to tailor their system’s size and capabilities to their current budget and energy needs. WSNE also installs the Earth Dual Axis Tracking System, a solar tracking product that uses electronic sensors to follow the sun’s movement from east to west. It is a stable, intelligently designed panel that maximizes energy production, while minimizing your electric bills.


The company’s services also extend beyond the home. Do you own an electric vehicle? WSNE offers customized charging stations. They renovate older structures, like the historic Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. After installing 90 panels, the church now has the largest solar energy system on a noncommercial building in King County and has reduced its energy costs significantly. WSNE’s work on the church was recognized by Solar Washington as their July 2015 Project of the Month. And the company offers solar power sources for live shows, such as sound stages for local street fairs and festivals.



WSNE provided the power for stages at the West Seattle Summer Fest Street Fair.


WSNE is committed to serving the Seattle community as a whole. Hughes is a member of a number of renewable sources organizations, and serves on the Lake Washington Technical College’s Advisory Committee for Emerging Technologies. The team regularly donates their time, talent, and services to causes like the annual Master Builders Rampathon, helping build free wheelchair-access ramps for low-income homeowners to increase their mobility and independence. Through community service projects, WSNE enacts its pledge to consumers of honesty, quality, and education.


Responsible Contractors knows that home and business owners want reliable, responsible contractors for their energy projects. We are happy to recommend West Seattle Natural Energy as a company that is community-minded and client-focused. Learn more about WSNE and read customer testimonials here: West Seattle Natural Energy, LLC

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