Let the Closet Guys Makeover Your Storage Spaces!

Are you living in a home with tiny closets, a crammed garage, or an inefficiently designed pantry? The Closet Guys, Inc. is a family-owned business serving the Everett, Seattle, Olympia, and Spokane areas. They are a team of closet and garage specialists who can give you your space back through clever storage solutions.


Since 1994 the Closet Guys have offered creative storage, shelving, and organization solutions for homeowners, businesses, and builders. For over 20 years they have led the local storage service industry in both Washington and Idaho, winning consumers’ loyalty by delivering superior customer service and premium craftsmanship at an affordable price point. Their president, Tony Leitch, gives customers a lifetime guarantee on every product the Closet Guys manufacture and install.


The Closet Guys encourage homeowners and builders to outsource their storage solutions needs to the professionals. While they understand you can readily purchase organization and shelving pieces from any home improvement store, they also know your time is valuable. Installing a sturdy, attractive, and ergonomic storage system requires customized solutions that are not possible with store-bought kits. Most notably, Closet Guys’ systems are adjustable, so that you can easily move or alter the design as your storage needs change over time.


What kind of projects can you entrust to the Closet Guys? For shelving, Closet Guys offers wood, laminate, and wire shelves, including Rubbermaid products. The team consults you on your preferred style of shelf and what you will be storing on them, while also incorporating individualized details like your height when mounting the units. They can install shelves in closets, garages, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and outside, as well as provide bookcases and decorative shelving within your home.


Reclaim your garage with sturdy wire shelving and tool organizers.

The Closet Guys design and install elegant and practical closet systems for your home.


Closet Guys’ professional design team does more than closets and wardrobes. They can also transform overstuffed garages into usable work spaces or storage. Tool organizers and utility cabinets can increase the square feet available for your projects. Are you a quilter or crafter with overflowing drawers of fabric, ribbon, and tools? Let the professional design team remodel your craft room into a functional space where you can easily find and use all of your materials. If you spend a lot of time in a cramped kitchen, Closet Guys have creative pantry solutions that keep your foodstuffs organized and reachable. The team can update your bathroom using premium Moen Creative Specialties hardware. Whatever your need, the design pros can adjust your selected storage system so that it is the color, material, and size you want.


Reclaim your garage with sturdy wire shelving and tool organizers.

Reclaim your garage with sturdy wire shelving and tool organizers.


Closet Guys also know that when customers need storage solutions, you need them now! The team works efficiently to design, deliver, and install your system as quickly as possible. Even the most complex installations only take 14 – 30 days, although most projects can be accomplished in only 1.


Responsible Contractors is happy to recommend the Closet Guys to homeowners, fellow contractors, and business owners for all their storage and shelving needs. Check out their full profile at: The Closet Guys, Inc.

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