Plumbing problems do not always strike at the most convenient times.

….But are usually urgent. That’s why PipePro Plumbing LLC is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The PipePro team provides commercial and residential plumbing services at flat-rate prices to keep your kitchens, baths, and pipes running smoothly.


Founded in 2011, PipePro Plumbing is a veteran-owned family business based in in Bonney Lake, and servicing the surrounding areas of Auburn, Federal Way, Kent, Puyallup, and Tacoma. The company is a natural evolution for Kelly Daffer, who can claim a family lineage in the plumbing industry back to his great-grandfather. Kelly himself began a career in plumbing over 30 years ago in Las Vegas, where he completed a rigorous 5 year Plumbers and Pipe Fitters apprenticeship. Upon completion, Kelly’s skills and focus earned him Journeyman status and he has now practiced as such for over two decades.


Kelly isn’t the only plumber – or vet – in the family. Like Kelly, his son, Kolden, also served in the Marines, in addition to studying plumbing at technical college and working as an assistant in Las Vegas. Rounding out the team is Kelly’s cousin, Kennith Keefe, completed the same Las Vegas apprenticeship and joined PipePro in 2015.


PipePro assists both homeowners and offices by resolving a host of plumbing issues. Since plumbing actually refers to a network of pipes, appliances, fixtures, and any number of malfunctions or problems that can occur in the system, it is important to let a professional help you diagnose breakdowns and show you how to properly care for a building’s plumbing. Services include unclogging drains and pipes throughout your home.


You kitchen and bathrooms are especially vulnerable to plumbing problems, where heavy use over time can result in damaged fixtures, drainage, and pumps. PipePro can quickly identify the root cause of your plumbing issue and make recommendations about repairing or replacing the faulty equipment. If you live in an older home, PipePro can assist you with the full re-plumbing these structures usually need in order to be inhabitable. Prior to winter, also consider having the PipePro look over your boiler, water heater, or in-floor radiant heat to ensure everything is in working order. PipePro also provide diagnostic services, including backflow testing and color video inspections.

PipePro Plumbing LLC will keep your kitchen sink running.
PipePro will keep your kitchen sink running.


A bathroom that is beautiful and in good operating order thanks to PipePro Plumbing LLC
A bathroom that is beautiful and in good operating order thanks to PipePro.

For waste systems, PipePro demystifies the process of fixing broken toilets, garbage disposals, septic tanks, sewage and sump pumps, and sewer lines. They know to find and repair faulty waste systems through a three-step process of diagnosing, repairing, and preventing new occurrences of the problem.


PipePro are especially proud to offer the Flushometer Lock, a solution to deter thieves from stealing the flush valves from your business facilities. The 16 gauge stainless steel lock has 75,000 possible combinations, ensuring your valves stay put.


The Flushometer Lock, an exclusive PipePro Plumbing, LLC product

The Flushometer Lock, an exclusive PipePro product.


People who use PipePro typically become loyal, repeat customers. Clients remark on their professionalism and prompt response, as well as their trustworthiness. For these reasons, along with the team’s unparalleled experience and talent, Responsible Contractors confidently recommends PipePro Plumbing LLC the next time you need plumbing services. Find their full profile at Responsible Contractors


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